3 Tips For Spring Fashion

springWhile there may still be snow falling in some parts of the UK, we’re optimistic spring is ready and waiting in the wings – set to make its arrival imminently. Well, we hope so, anyway. And as we wait, we thought it’s the perfect time to plan and ponder your springtime wardrobe to make sure you’re prepared with more than a few impressive designs up your sleeve.

As a dedicated follower of fashion, there are many hot looks this spring you’ll already be aware of, such as black and white colour schemes being in, together with lots of layers. Think patchwork, patterns and textures and you’re on the right lines for this season’s outfits and styles. Also, floral designs are in together with big colours, frills at the collars and exposed midriffs.

However trendy you are, it can be difficult to keep track of so many of this season’s must-have and must-wear fashion items – what’s in, what’s out, what’s so this season or so last season, it can be a bit confusing! After all, what may have had you locked up in the school of bad taste last year, could well be the top outfit in 2013. Confused? Don’t be; simply take a peek at our top tips for this spring and get ready to enjoy a vibrant, fresh and, of course, fashionable few months.

1. Coat yourself in fabulous colours

It’s time to ditch that heavy but oh-so warm winter coat and say hello to a new, bright, spring coat. This season, your coat is all about completing your outfit and making a statement. So go bold, go colourful, and go fabulous with your latest coat! Take a bit of time and choose wisely, as your coat will play a key part of your spring wardrobe – not to mention the fact you deserve to spoil yourself.

2. Dress to be seen

When you boot out your winter coat, kick your heavy jumpers out with it! No more will you cocoon yourself from the harsh elements with chunky cardies and thick jumpers. Instead, reach for gorgeous, light dresses that have a vintage vibe about them and shine alongside the sun this season.

3. Go bright eyed and bushy haired

Get ready to enliven your eyes and hair, for a truly dazzling look this spring. When it comes to your eyes, bold eyebrows are popular as they serve to really highlight your eyes, and you should couple this look with bright, fresh eye shadow and white eyeliner for a fresh style. The white eyeliner works especially well with fair skin. With your hair, you can go for a messy look this season – big bun on top or textured hair loose that has volume. If you really want to catch people’s attention, try a deep side parting then twist and pin back the smaller part for a big wow factor – and all without the commitment that an undercut (shaving one side of your head, which is ultra-cool but a little scary for most of us) demands!

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