4 Best Colours To Wear To Work

Colours are important part behind the decision to wear and buy certain clothes. Certain colours are more suitable for your skin tone and it is essential to find out which work best with your skin type.

You can also influence you own mood, as well as the way other people view you, by wearing certain colours. It is really important you pay attention to colours when you are choosing the clothes to wear to work.

Here are four of the best colours to wear.

1. Whitewhite

White is traditionally associated in the Western cultures to purity and thus it can be very effective colour to wear at work. It is also a very powerful colour to show peacefulness and can thus work well if you have tough meetings ahead of you.

White also reflects light and thus it can really brighten up your face and make you radiate warmth to people around you as well. White is very feminine and can therefore be a nice choice to wear.

But too much white can also cause a distraction and make you feel too formal and distant. Thus it is always best to use white as part of your look but never use it as the dominant colour in your work clothes.

2. Blue

If you want to improve creativeness then you should wear blue to work. It is also very good colour to choose if you are feeling stressed out as it can really calm down your nerves. It can also help your peers feel calmer and therefore it is a great option if you have a big project to work on.

Blue works very well as the dominant colour as well as together with black and white and is thus really versatile. If you are feeling a bit under the weather it might be best to avoid wearing blue, as there is some truth to the whole saying ‘feeling a bit blue’. Sometimes blue can also make you feel cold so opt for blue in warm fabrics such as wool and cotton.

3. Green

As the colour of nature, green provides you with a very down to earth look and is very tranquil option to choose. Financial Post says green is especially good in the workplace because it promotes activity; after all it is the colour of ‘go’ in the traffic lights. Wearing green you also add a touch of freshness to your look and it is very easy on the eyes.

4. BlBusiness man with blackack

If you want to play it safe you should go with black work clothes. This is the most neutral colour to wear and provides you with a timeless and polished look. It is a colour that always makes people take you seriously and implies a certain level of power. The good thing about black is how it can be combined with all of the above colours and thus getting the best benefits in your work clothes.

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