4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Fashion

Self-improvement is the key to success, whether you’re looking to elevate your status, appearance or career. Nothing gets a new year off to a good start like a little self-reflection, followed by a mini makeover. Here are four ways to spruce up your fashion so that you get the attention that you deserve.

  1. De-Frump: You know there are some items in your wardrobe that aren’t that special. Maybe you still wear them, just because they are convenient. This is a bad habit and contributes to a slovenly appearance. Get rid of ill-fitting, unflattering clothing and you will have more space in your closet for new things. Stop wearing overly worn clothing to work. Your special, soft T-shirts and jeans can go in a special drawer for weekend wear. mens check dress shirtsPreppy outfits that look sharp and new are best for a professional look, even if you work somewhere casual.
  1. Pick a Role Model: Think of an attractive, successful person you know and use their look as inspiration. You don’t have to copy each detail of their style. However, it helps to have a role model in trying to visualize the person that you want to become. Notice how this individual sparkles in his or her own special way and try to bring out your own sparkle. Being successful is all about finding the savvy person within yourself, so that your individual talents stand out from the rest. 
  1. Go Preppy: While vintage, pieced-together styles are hip, in the corporate sphere, preppy clothing brands tend to work better. This is because a tailored, groomed exterior is reminiscent of a more erudite sensibility. You want those around you to believe that you truly care about your outer shell and are considerate of others. In addition, dressing in a preppy manner will give you a polished look, even when you are more casual. Vineyard Vines is just one great example of a brand that caters to a simultaneously professional and casual style.
  1. Salon Time: Visit your favorite hairdresser and lose the mop. You might love rock ’n roll, but keeping your hair clean-cut is a must. You can still head bang with short hair in your apartment after work. If you still want to keep a little edge, try a trendy vintage hairstyle like a bob with bangs or a Madison Avenue side-part fade. A well-coiffed head is something that clients and fellow employees notice when they first see you. 

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