5 Fashion Tips For Men To Look Slimmer

There are millions of men everywhere looking for ways to dress that will help them look a little thinner. As women can look thinner in certain clothes, the same rules can also apply to men, and here are a few tips to help men seeking for ways to look slimmer.

Try Smaller Patterns 

When it comes to looking thinner men, it’s all about the visual appeal and the colors and patterns you wear. Larger patterns on fabrics tend to make a person look heavier so focus on patterns and designs that are small and even textured. Paying attention to these details can change your overall look.

Pleated Pants Are a No-No 

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There are several tips for fashion these days that men seem to overlook, and one is pleated pants. While many men feel it hides the excess fat found in the hips and waist, this is not the case. Pleats draw attention to the hip and waist areas and can make you look even larger.

Pleats can give you the appearance of being stuffed underneath and this is something you want to avoid. Sticking with pants that are flat in the front allows you to look a little slimmer.


Pinstripe pants should become your best friend. These are effective at making you look longer rather than wider. Generally speaking, any kind of vertical stripes tend to make you look slimmer rather that wearing something with horizontal stripes.


Choose the Proper Jacket

Another great tip for people seeking to look slimmer is to always ensure you choose the right type of jacket. Not all jackets are going to work for everyone. A good rule of thumb is to choose jackets that are 1-2 buttons longer than the traditional jackets. Having a jacket where the final button is resting on your belly can draw attention and this is the last thing you want.

Consider Getting New Clothes

If you find yourself having a hard time finding what works for you; consider buying a few new outfits. Not having anything in your closet to wear without looking ridiculous can indicate that it’s time to go shopping again. Make sure your clothes fit you right, rather than being too small.

Consider buying clothes that you can often interchange with other clothing, for example, a jacket that you will be able to wear with many different types of shirts or pants.

Adam is a graphic designer, now specializing in fashion. He discovered his love for fashion and jewelry design after seeing many collections of tungsten rings for men. Since then he has expanded his design skills from graphic designs to illustrations for jewelry.

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