5 Wardrobe Fundamentals No Man Should Go Without

For a lot of men, clothing is the last thing on their minds. Fashion is often seen as a feminine pursuit, and they would rather spend their time on other hobbies and passions. However, it is essential for every man to be well-dressed. Job interviews, funerals and weddings happen in every man’s life. Here are five wardrobe essentials no man should be without.mens business suits

A Well-Fitting Suit

While tailoring a thousand-dollar suit isn’t practical for most men, every man should have a suit that fits him properly. The pants should be neither too short or too long, the jacket should easily button over his stomach and the seat of the pants should not be worn smooth from age.

A Few Conservative Ties

Aunt Gertrude’s funeral is neither the time nor the place for the gag tie shaped like a fish that the kids bought for Father’s Day. Ties should be made of silk and unwrinkled. Muted patterns and darker colors are usually best, as is a classic width. Tie fashion does change, but a few conservative choices should last for decades if a man does not wear one very often.

Spotless Dress Shoes

While a lot of men work in professions that require steel-toed work boots, having a pair of classic dress shoes that are polished and shined is imperative. Whether it’s a job interview or a wedding, a shoddy pair of shoes will drag down any outfit and make a man look sloppy and juvenile.

A Good Topcoat

Pulling a hoodie or sports jackets on over a suit is anathema. For men who live in four-season climates, a quality topcoat is essential. If cared for properly, it can also last for decades. A good topcoat protects the suit from the elements and keeps a man warm while looking his most stylish.

A Pair of ‘Dress’ Jeans

Some men have entire stacks of jeans and each pair is covered in grease, oil, paint and other stains. When invited to a picnic or barbecue with friends, he then has nothing casual that is also presentable. Browse www.unionlabel.comto find some flattering jeans that can be worn to casual events.

A man’s wardrobe says a lot about him. To avoid embarrassing mishaps during important events, a man should have a suit and the accessories that go with it. He should also have jeans that are not destroyed, for more informal gatherings with friends and family.

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