5 Ways to Identify an Authentic Rolex Watch

An authentic Rolex watch can sell for thousands of dollars, while a fake Rolex is only worth a few dollars. When shopping from reputable jewelry stores, you know that the watch you buy is real, but you won’t receive the same guarantee when buying from an online store, a pawn shop or even an antiques dealer. Learning how to recognize the signs of a real Rolex will stop you from throwing away money on a fake.designer watches

Check the Back

The back of a Rolex watch will appear smooth and clear without any distinguishing marks or engravings. The makers of fake watches will sometimes add the company name on the back. If the case-back is clear or you can see the inside of the watch, it’s likely a fake.

Read the Serial Number

The serial number, also known as the reference number, is a simple code that the company uses to identify its watches. You can take the watch to a dealer and ask about the serial number, or you can compare the code you find to other codes you see online.

Look at the Screws

Real Rolex watches feature precious metals like gold, while fake watches use fake fold and gold plating. Use a small jewelry screwdriver to remove the screws from the back of the watch. If those screws show any signs of flaking, or you see cheap parts inside, it’s probably a fake watch.

Look for a Hologram

Check the face of the watch for a hologram located just under the number six on the face. You should see a small hologram in the shape of a crown on the watch face. Rolex introduced this feature on its modern watches to identify those pieces as true Rolex watches, but you will find that the hologram doesn’t appear on older or vintage models.

Watching the Second Hand

Cheaper watches use a quartz movement, which causes the second hand to tick around the face of the watch. Rolex watches feature a special design that makes the second hand move smoothly around the face without stopping or ticking.

When shopping for a Rolex, you might think about the price too. According to specialists in fine jewelry at pawn shops in Columbus, Ohio, if the price seems too good to be true, it’s likely a fake. These shops have workers on staff that can identify a spot, and you’ll receive a guarantee that the watch you buy is an authentic Rolex.