A Beginners Guide To Dressing Well

There are some people out there that you look and confirm in your mind that they dress well. Similarly there are people who just struggle to master any sort of image and fail on the fashion front. We live in a highly competitive world and people are always trying to outdo each other in the way they dress in order to look “cooler” than their friends.

Little do they know that it isn’t really about the way you dress, it is much more about the confidence you have in your outfit. I can’t overstate the importance of self-confidence when it comes to dressing well, you have got to love the outfit you have on and walk as though you are the best dress person around.

We live in the internet age and there are so many companies out there that offer great variety at affordable prices. Just do a little research and check out what styles are in and what aren’t and make your outfit decisions based upon what you find. This article will highlight what it takes to dress well nowadays.


The vintage look has gained a lot of prominence in recent years, people are always looking at new ways to improve and diversify their image. Fashion is an industry that is constantly changing and people are in constant competition with one another, the vintage style is slowly becoming the most popular on the market.fashion t shirts

This has been reflected with the number of high street stores selling vintage style garments and the rise in general of vintage stores. For those of you looking to master this image, charity stores are your best bet. These are the places where you will find true, one of a kind, vintage items of clothing.

They are often inexpensive and if you have an eye for style, can take your outfit and public perception to that new level. Obviously I am not saying the high street is a bad thing and another vintage angle people take is with sportswear. Check out J-Bees’ Adidas clothing range for an example of what I mean, the adidas originals range is particularly popular.

Don’t get too hung up on one style because the odds are that it will change again in a few months.

Internet Age

We live in the internet age and there are many different websites online that you can check out when looking to perfect your image. There are no set styles and with fashion, anything goes. Do your research and check out celebrities that you think dress in a cool way. Try and add your own slant to things, it is the best way to get noticed for the way you dress and after all, this is what people want.


Have a budget, this is the best way to stop you getting carried away. There are many stores that sell cheap clothes and if you are financially struggling check them out, dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean dressing in expensive garments. Fashion is about your life and so make sure it fits around your own personal constraints.


Andrew is an author with a degree in fashion from a London University. He initially began working for a high street chain but soon realised his passion was with writing and started out freelancing