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My name is Muhammad Nasir Khan, I am a computer science graduate and working as a SEO in a leading Business to Business Website since 2008 at Karachi. The idea behind creating MnApparel360 is to share information about my favorite category Apparel & Fashion. I have worked more than 2 years in Apparel & Fashion Industry’s products as a research and keywords analysis and since then I had plan in my mind to create a website which contains basic as well as current information about each and everything about Fashion & Apparel Industry.

Some of my friends also contributing their efforts and time to make this blog best in Apparel & Fashion industry; I specially pay my thanks to Mr. Pervez Ahmed and Mirza Azhar Baig for writing some beautiful articles for my blog.

If you wish to share your ideas with me or want to read any article one your favorite apparel you can request me on the following email ids.



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