Are Bridal Shows Worth Your Time?

Are Bridal Shows Worth Your Time?

The short answer is ‘Yes’ but the bigger issue is ‘why are they worth it’ and how can you be assured that the time, hassle and (sometimes) expense of attending a bridal show pays off?

Whether you’re a couple planning a wedding or you’re a service provider wanting new business, bridal shows are worth attending because you can accomplish a lot in a relatively short period of time. For the wedding couple, they’ll have a chance to meet and talk with a wide variety of experts without having to drive all over town or spend countless hours on the phone locating them.

If you’re a vendor and if the show is well attended you’ll have a much more ‘prospect rich’ environment wherein you’ll be able to talk to a lot of prospects in a short period of time and they will be able to work more proactively with you because so many other experts will also be there to help them along in their planning. To put this critical but often overlooked advantage in a more practical perspective, they won’t be able to say (nor will they need to say), “Well, we need to talk to the such-and-such people.” Everybody is there under one roof so the planning process can go on virtually all day and all night.

For the bride and groom, you’ll be able to meet venders who understand that they must offer superior service. fashion bridal showsThey know that ‘the show’ is full of competitors and that whether or not they get your business is dependant primarily on how well they connect with you.

Since weddings are very emotional events and do involve a lot of information overload for everybody, they are also a good test. A wedding can get very hectic at times and so it’s very important that you connect to a service provider at the show on a very basic and personal level. They’ve got to know and like you and vice versa in order for the service they provide to live up to what they promise.

Choosing the right bridal show can be challenging. There are countless shows happening throughout the year that focus on certain aspects of the wedding. Doing your research and choosing the right event to attend is extremely important in managing the benefit you wish to obtain from the event. The Perfect Wedding Guide offers a bridal shows calendar with mapped out locations, yearly schedule and customer feedback, it’s a good place to start your research. Make sure to choose shows that best fulfill your needs and wants to avoid a colossal waist of time.

As shoppers, some newly engaged couples enjoy bridal shows and some do not. One key to getting something out of them is to go with an agenda and set of goals clearly in mind (at least… as much as possible). Don’t waste too much time just wondering around because not only is your time valuable but so is that of the venders.

If you don’t know much about weddings, ask as many questions as you can. That’s how the venders earn your trust and your business. Take notes, pick up as much free stuff as you can, and meet as many other newly engaged couples as you can and compare notes.

Bridal shows are work and they can be a bit hectic but it’s still a very efficient way to get started on the wedding arrangement process. In that aspect, ‘yes’, bridal shows are worth your time.

Jenny A. from Elite Catering Toronto. Jenny is a seasoned wedding caterer with a background in wedding planning.

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