Bizarre Fashion Trends found on the Streets of Japan

If you are looking for latest clothes and accessories, chances are you will find out the most stylish trends attracting the fashion conscious people across the world. Fashion designers from around the world have been coming up with clothing and accessories to suit the taste of people as well as trends in market. But when you take a look at some of the fashion disasters on the international ramps, you realise that fashion designers not always give appropriate fashion ideas.japanese fashion trends

When the topic of discussion is fashion, you simply can’t resist talking about Japan. It has carved a niche with the tag of trendsetter in fashion world. However, Japan has always been the land of some of the most bizarre fashion trends. Fashion industry in Japan is highly competitive and fashion designers need to broaden their horizon in order to make a mark among the highly fashion conscious population of Japanese youth. A few latest fashion trends are really weird and give a different look and feel.

Ganguro is a strange Fashion Trend in Japan.

When talking about latest Japanese fashion trends that are frequently seen on the streets, you can’t ignore Ganguro culture. This fashion culture highlights a mixture of interesting and odd fashion sense. Tanned and pretty-looking girls are out there on streets to emphasise their toned skin with sparkling and light colours on faces. This look is primarily consists of dyed hairs in different colour-patterns. They apply false eyelashes to compliment white eyeliner. Some girls even sport brightly coloured contact lenses and use multi-coloured eye shadow. Ganguro girls prefer to wear bright outfit with matching jewellery.

Boots with Horseshoe Metal in their Sole

Japanese girls have a strange like for high-heeled boots and shoes. Wearing boots with horseshoe metal in their sole is the next strange fashion trend in Japan. Embedded with horseshoe metal, this type of boots is presently a rage in Japan.

Japanese streets with Intense Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are not long lasting, especially in Japan. Each season brings a new fashion trend with itself. In the current season, small vests, hot pants, a cap and every ensemble of black PVC have found a place amongst Japanese boys and girls. This fashion trend gives a feel of rampant westernisation in the Japanese fashion fraternity.


Bizarre Contact Lenses

Everybody likes bright and beautiful eyes and for a distinct look, contact lenses are used by the fashionable young boys and girls in Japan. However, Japanese youths sport freaky contact lenses that will leave you bewildered.

Some of the contact lenses’ companies in Japan have come up with extra wide and tinted contact lenses. These are also known as anime lenses and usually worn for a big-eyed look.

You can see and experience many other strange fashion trends on the streets of Japan.


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