Children’s Party Essentials – Great Party Bags Equal Happy Guests

Handing out a little bag of goodies at the end of a child’s party has become a custom that most parents stress over. What can the party bags be filled with?
There is no need to fill goody bags with expensive trinkets. A small token gift, some sweet treats and a slice of the birthday cake should be enough to please your little guests.
Ready filled or DIY?children party bags
The first step is to decide whether or not you are going to buy ready filled bags, or those you fill yourself. There are many party bag supply companies from whom ready filled gift bags can be purchased and the contents range from relatively inexpensive token gifts to luxury items. It is possible to stick to a budget with ready filled bags and not over spend and keeping it simple can help to keep costs down. Younger girls will love a pink bag filled with pink hair accessories, pink sweets, stickers and a fluffy purse, for example, while blue bags for the boys might have dinosaur figures or a small model car included, along with the usual treats.
The Personal Touch
A do it yourself party bag can sometimes be a bit more personal, though. When you select the fillers and put the work into the bags yourself, there is the opportunity to tailor them to your guests’ particular tastes, if you know them quite well.
Self-filling the goody bags also allows you to stick to a theme. Party bag companies often have a range of character and theme bags available, from Hello Kitty and Disney, to pirate and princess themes. Once your party bags are selected, they can be filled with themed gifts, such as a Princess tiara and earrings, or a pirate bandana and eye patch.

A Gift in the Making
A great idea for party bag gifts is to include an art and craft toy that the guest can make when they get home. Girls will love friendship bracelet kits, for instance, or perhaps a baking set. Pocket sized story books are also ideal for younger children.
Activity based party bags are also a fantastic choice if you’re planning a wedding and want to keep the younger guests occupied. The little ones won’t get bored if they have something to do during the speeches and the parents will thank you for giving them a little bit of peace and quiet.

Hannah Schumann is big on party planning and has found to give her a hand when the party is for one of her kids.

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