Choosing The Perfect Evening Gown

For celebrations that take place at night, it is a great idea to dress up in evening gowns instead of the boring work clothes. Evening gowns are not only elegant but also attractive and make a girl look ravishing in every way. But each body type demands a different kind of evening gown and the choice has to be made with a lot of deliberation.

Evening Gown

While it is important to pay attention to your body type while selecting a gown, it is also important to pay attention to the color. In cases where you simply can’t decide what to wear, something in black or white can do the job as these are ever-green colors that stay in vogue no matter how many new shades come into picture. Here are a few tips to choose the gown that might suit you best.

1. If you have a petite frame, choosing a gown with drapes might be the worst mistake of your life as it would add unnecessary volume and make you look thinner than you actually are. Instead, you should look for gowns with cuts that run up to the thigh as this will divert the attention to your long legs. Shorter dresses would suit such a body type best and longer dresses should be avoided. Also, you should go for lighter colors as darker shades make one look thinner.

2. If you have an apple shaped body with a wide torso, wear dresses with V-neck as they divert the attention from your otherwise round figure and make your body look streamlines. Bold colors like purple, turquoise or sea-green may enhance your curves and make you look elegant.

3. Women with an athletic body type are blessed with the right amount of fat at the right places. They are mostly strong-willed and their personality is dominant. Such women should opt for dresses that are strapless as that helps in showing off the toned arms and shoulders. A belt hugging your waist is a plus as it will highlight the curves very well. Hair tied up high enhances the look while solid colors, instead of prints, bring the personality to life.

4. Women with a fuller bust must be very careful while choosing evening gowns because a small mistake can end up making it vulgar. Dresses with wide straps give enough support to the upper torso. Shorter dresses would not suit such a body type as that would bring back the attention to the bust. Instead, longer dresses with deep slits in the legs would divert some attention off your assets.

5. Shorter females should choose longer dresses in straight cuts as they take the attention away from the height. Colors like beige, mustard yellow, emerald green, black, etc will make you look taller and leaner than you might be. Since pudgy arms are also a problem that you have, you need to choose dresses with sleeves that go up to the elbow or a little more. The neck can be broader to highlight the collars.

6. If you are uniformly plump and still want to wear evening gowns, you can opt for dresses that have a closed neck to divert attention from your bust region. The colors should preferably be dark ones to make you look leaner and more graceful.

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