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Watches make a great gift. Most of wear a watch every day, and as well as helping you tell the time, a great watch can be the finishing touch to an outfit and can be a fashion statement too. You only have to look in the window of a jeweller’s shop or on the internet pages of a watch retailer to see how much choice there is, and the variety of different watches on offer can be baffling. Here are a few key pointers to help you choose your perfect watch for every occasion.


We’ve not all got an endless pot of cash and whatever you’re shopping for, it makes sense to set a firm budget and stick to it. When asking for help from assistants in shops, make it clear to them what your budget is, and ask them not to show you anything more expensive than you can afford. If you are looking at buying a very expensive watch, some retailers offer finance packages to enable you to spread the cost of the purchase, and often these are good value. When considering finance, always look at the total amount paid for the item to decide whether or not it is worthwhile.


Some people want a watch which just tells the time with a simple dial and two hands, others prefer a watch which has a separate second hand, stopwatch function, 24 hour dial or a water resistant mechanism. Before heading to the shops, take some time out to think about what your ideal watch would look like, and this should make picking out the ideal timepiece an easier job once you get to the shops. Be clear about which functions are must have essentials, and which would be nice to have but which you are prepared to compromise on.


Nearly all of the watches on the market have straps made from either leather or metal. A metal strap is chunkier and more durable, but many prefer the softer look of leather. Always try on a watch before buying to make sure the watch fits properly, and get the retailer to add or remove metal links or pierce extra holes in a leather strap for the perfect fit. Also bear in mind that replacing a watch strap is a reasonably straightforward thing, especially with a leather strap.


For some people, brand isn’t important when they are buying a watch, but for others owning a men’s Hugo Boss watch is the key element. Most large clothing and designer brands make a range of watches, or allow other manufacturers to produce watches using their logo and branding. Buying a men’s Hugo Boss watch gives some indication of quality, and other brands such as Gucci or Versace project their own brand images. Some of the most prestigious watch brands on the market are names like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe or Omega and although these sorts of watches are out of the price range of most of us, they are certainly watches to aspire to and dream about buying with that big Lottery win.

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