Cowboy Boots a New Fashion Statement?

Most think about cowboy boots as a tool for horse riding, gun shootin’ and calf rop-in cowboy (and girls).  Little does anyone know that cowboy boots have become a serious fashion statement! It’s not uncommon to see celebrities sporting a pair of boots while walking the red carpet.  Some individuals even choose to wear cowboy boots to accentuate themselves during a wedding.  I know! Pretty cool!  Below are just a few styles to be aware of and keep an eye out the next time you’re shopping for some new footwear.

Square, Point & Rounded Toe Boots

Square toed boots are typically the most comfortable of all boots but aren’t what westerners would call “authentic”.  However, if you’re going to be on your feet all day and haven’t had time to properly wear in a cowboy boot then you’ll want a pair of these.


Pointed toe boots are pretty traditional and originally the value of the pointed toe was that it was easier to get your foot into the stirrups.  Now obviously not everyone wearing a boot will be riding a horse so these type of toes are typically encouraged for those that will use a cowboy boot for their traditional use – riding horses and toughing the western elements.


Rounded toe boots are one of the most popular boot types for those that aren’t doing the daily “cowboy” thing.  You can find them in all sorts of colors, materials and even price points. You’ll also find a lot of these boots come is ‘replicas’ to help bring down the costs.  This is obviously a good thing as cowboy boots might be worn as an accessory to an outfit or as a rare occasion out on the town.  It might not be an item you want to plunk down hundreds of dollars for.


How much does it cost to be fashionable?

We just covered very briefly how much it costs to buy a pair of boots.  While there isn’t a simple answer to “how-much” it really can be narrowed down by the type of boot you want.  If you want to save the most money – look for a replica boot or a boot that uses synthetic materials.  Since they don’t cost as much to produce, companies are able to pass the saving down to their customers.  You can find a good pair of replica boots for under $100.00.cowboy boots


If quality is your top priority and you’ll be braving the elements then price should not be the first factor in deciding on a pair of boots.  You’ll want to make sure you get the best leather available as it will help keep the boots durable for many years.  Solid cowboy or cowgirl boots can run in the multi-hundreds to multi-thousands of dollars.  You’ll definitely want to do your research when looking to purchase a pair of these boots.


If you want a pair of boots that will last a long time but don’t quite want to plunk down the money for the real deal you’ll want to look for clearances.  You can find cowgirl boots for women online or even at local stores.  Look to see if they have a clearance section or if they are marking down any boots that are considered “last year’s model”.  You would be surprised how much money you can save by doing a little price


Cowboy Boots Show Personality!

Cowboy boots shouldn’t be bought simply because of their price.  With so many different materials, colors and unique options it’s really a great opportunity to show off your personality.   While cowboy boots are becoming very fashionable, there is still a lot of opportunity to put your own little twist.  Who knows, maybe your unique twist will become tomorrow’s top fashion statement!


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