How to Dress With Cowboy Boots for Men

Heading out to a rodeo? Want to impress your new country girlfriend with a pair of cowboy boots? Or perhaps you just want to showcase your new love for boots but don’t know how or what to wear them with? No problem. You’re not alone, and you’re about to put all of your fears to rest. With these easy to follow tips to wearing cowboy boots for men, you’ll be walking out of your house with a hee-hawin’ style everyone will admire.

cowboy boots

  1. Under Your Jeans


No one has ever questioned a pair of boots hiding underneath one’s jeans. No. Cowboy boots have a very unique and distinctive front that can be easily identified no matter how long your jeans may drop. By wearing cowboy boots underneath your jeans, you have an easy, relaxed style that has a bit of western flair added to it. This look is great for many occasions, from casual to fancy.


  1. Over Your Jeans


If you are wearing a pair of cowboy boots with a bit more ‘spunk’ to them (lots of embellishments, crazy colors, fun decorations), you will want to wear them over your jeans. Why hide a grand pair of cowboy boots with a piece of artwork majestically carved on them? That’s silly! Just be careful not to wear these fun cowboy boots to fancier occasions- these are much more suited for casual events or fun rodeos where cowboy themes are wanted.


  1. Type of Jeans


We’ve talked a lot about wearing your cowboy boots over or under your jeans. But what kind of jeans should you be wearing? This particular question is extremely important, as some jeans simply don’t fit with a cowboy theme. Keep these jeans in your wardrobe if you want to pull off the western look with ease. And, as always, make sure your jeans are long enough. Wearing short jeans with cowboy boots is a definite DON’T and is sure to make you the laughing stock of the wild west.


Straight Leg/Boot Cut: This style offers bottoms that are not too belled, while not being too tight around the ankle either. This makes for a perfect fit around a pair of cowboy boots. After all, they don’t get their name ‘boot cut’ for nothing, right?

Darker Jeans: Jeans with a darker wash are definitely the favored style when it comes to cowboy boots. This offers a great look that is rugged yet handsome. While darker washed jeans are the biggest trend, it is still OK to match your cowboy boots up with a pair of black jeans, khakis, or even lighter pairs. Just don’t make too big of a habit out of it and try to stick to medium or dark jeans on a regular basis.

It’s easy to stay in style while throwing in a dash of western style. Just make sure you are doing it right. Think you are ready to try your hand at some handsome cowboy boots? Then take a look at Famous Footwear and their selection of cowboy boots. Plus, use special Famous Footwear shoes coupons for great discounts on your purchase.


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