Dangly Earrings Versus Studs – When To Wear What?

It’s one of those decisions that women, generally speaking, enjoy making – They are dressed up to the nines, have a fabulous new frock on, their hair is looking stunning and they know that they look gorgeous – now which earrings should they wear, those fabulous dangly sparklers or those divine pearl studs? Womens Dangly Earrings
Women have worn earrings for thousands of years. In fact earrings have enjoyed a long history of being a symbol of wealth and privilege that dates back to 2500 B.C. Ancient folklore asserts that earrings were originally worn by women to ward off evil spirits as wearing this type of jewellery would act as a barrier against spirits entering one’s body.
So this connotation of why women wear earrings may have changed somewhat, although it has to be said that what has remained consistent for many, many years, are certain ‘rules’ that are in existence regarding what type of earrings look right with particular outfits, haircuts and even faces and which earrings are appropriate for different occasions.
Take a look at the different ‘rules’ regarding when we should wear dangly earrings and when we should wear studs.
Hair up and formal
There is nothing quite as empowering and striking than a woman wearing her hair up in a ponytail with a pair of stunning dangly earrings on.
Hair down
If you are wearing your hair down the chances are that you hair will become caught in earrings of a dangly nature. It is therefore more practical to wear studs when you wear your hair down.
Casually tied back
For a less formal look when you wear your hair back, studs or hoops will create a more casual and cool look.
A heart-shaped face
Dangly earrings will make a heart-shaped faced appear to be more balance as opposed to smaller studs, which will just enhance the shape of your face.
A round face
If your face is on the round side than studs or hoops may have a tendency to make your face look rounder. Dangly earrings will have the opposite effect and will help your face appear to be longer and thinner.
A long face
Put simply, dangly earrings emphasis longer, thinner faces. If you do have a long face it is therefore advisable to stick to studs.
A job interview
Over-the-top outfits generally don’t go down well at a job interview so it is wise to stick to a more conservative stud rather than a flamboyant pair of sparkly danglers at a job interview.
Dinner date
Formal dinner dates are all about dressing glamorously and therefore warrants wearing a pair of ultra-glam diamond danglers!

Anna Burgos is a fashion designer in London. In her spare time Anna writes tips and advice on all kinds of fashion-related issues for sites such as www.nigelohara.com.


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