Dazzle everyone with your choice of Diamond Ring!

women_ringDiamond Rings and women go a long way. Their love for jewelry items especially if they are encrusted with diamonds increases manifold. We women can hardly justify any specific reason for it but we go bonkers the moment we think of diamond jewelry. It is like diamond is on one hand and rest of the jewelry items are on the other hand. Over the years with so many different trends coming and influencing our choices big time has failed to negated our inherent love for diamond. If anyone asks us, what kind of ring we want for our engagement or wedding, we will say rings that have diamond in them and we will give this reply without even thinking – it is kind of a reflex for us.

With so many different trends in jewelry making nowadays we get diamond rings of different styles and cuts. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Colored Diamonds: Diamonds are no longer colorless. The demand for pink and yellow diamonds have increased manifold. Couples across the globe are looking for something different and offbeat in their choice of rings and colored diamonds are the perfect option. They are classy yet very vibrant and “now”.
  • Different Cuts of Diamonds: Round colored diamonds are traditional. Modern contemporary diamonds are available in different cuts such as princess cut, oval, rectangular, emerald cut, heart shaped and so on. You name it and there it is in front of your eyes. Round cut diamonds are no doubt classy and elegant but there is something about this offbeat cut diamonds. The most popular among these are princess cut and heart shaped ones.
  • Two –Tone Metals: In these types of diamond rings, two different kinds of metals are used i.e. one can opt for white gold and platinum. The best feature about this style is that one gets to wear two different metals at the cost of one. Exciting isn’t it? Who would not love to wear such a ring?
  • Settings of the stone: another important feature of these rings is the type of settings used. All settings do not go with all types of cuts. The cut that is applicable for a round cut is not suitable for a heart shaped diamond. Some of the popular settings include prong setting, pave setting, bevel setting amongst others. It is best to have a discussion with the designer regarding the kind of setting applicable for the type of cut you have selected. They are the best people to guide and assist you in this part.

So go ahead and purchase any diamond ring that you like. If you want to make your partner gift you one such ring, don’t give him subtle hints, ask for it directly, after all he is better half. It feels good to get a gift but at times it feels great to demand something. So exercise this special right of yours and wrap a beautiful star in your finger and get ready to dazzle everyone.

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