Designed Belts- A Trendy Accessory!

Many a woman will ask herself what belt works best for her. Every woman wants a belt that will flatter her specific body shape and will add a wow factor to their outfit. There are general guidelines regarding belts that are important to know if you want to use them to your benefit. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find which style is right for you because once you find that style it will make all the difference. For now, feel free to try out these different styles using different belts in a shop and that way you can get an idea of what kind of body-shape you have and what kind of belts you should be purchasing.

BT-290-2TFor the fuller figure…

Ladies who are larger and don’t have an hourglass figure will discover that a hip belt is the best option for them. It does an excellent job of hiding a tummy; as does an asymmetrical belt that creates a V shape and both of them add an interesting twist to an outfit.

It looks wonderful when peeping out from under a long cardigan too. Many a lady who thought they could never wear a belt finds that these belts add so much to their outfits…

Straight up and down…

The ladies with a boyish figure- also known as straight up and down, have a distinct advantage in that they can pretty much get away with any belt!

However, a wide belt can often cinch your outfit and thereby add curve and definition.

Make sure not to get too big a belt because you’ll end up looking like the belt is wearing you…


For the ladies with a thicker waist- also known as apple-shaped, you should aim to wear a belt about three inches below the waist so as to draw attention away from it.

Also, V shaped belts are excellent for you and are lovely when worn with a long cardigan or jacket over it.

In the case that your bust is larger than your hips, you can balance out the look by wearing a wide belt “hipster” style over your jeans as opposed to in the loops…


Ladies with large hips (also known as Pear-Shaped) who enjoy wearing flared out skirts from the waist should invest in belts that accentuate your trim waistline. Make sure not to wear belts on your actual hips. Make sure not to wear a belt too low with a cropped jacket because this will draw too much attention to your hips.

Apples and Pears

Wearing a belt that is the same color as your outfit has a wonderful slimming effect. here are those who say that a wide, dark belt that has an interesting buckle is a good way to make a plus-size waist look smaller.

The Hourglass

The belt is a fantastic accessory for those with curves in that it accentuates curves wonderfully and transforms long shapeless garments into a snappy, put-together outfit.

You can go as wide as your waist is with belts.

Short-waisted hourglass figures can also do narrower tie belts.

For the top-heavy, a waist belt worn a little under the waist is just perfect for you.

Petite Women

Avoid wide belts- they’ll make you look short.

Don’t go wider than trouser belt width.


Big breasts need big belts whereas small breasts will be positively swamped by a large belt. Extremely large breasts do best with belts worn lower than the waist

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