Designer Frames – The Right Choice For You

When shopping for eyeglasses, people tend to go for what’s trendy instead of what‘s flattering to their features. This is a mistake in more ways than one. Appearance-wise, it’s prudent to go for eyewear that looks good on you instead of what’s currently popular. Chances are, that particular style will soon be passe.designer eyeglasses


Usually, generic brand glasses are dirt cheap, so people don’t think twice about purchasing them. So what if they’re not very sturdy or that they’re not particularly attractive on you? It’s easy enough to replace them in case they break or go out of style. Getting cheaper eyewear may seem like the practical option, but if you’re constantly dumping the old ones for another pair of cheap ones, then you’re better off investing in a designer brand.

Whatever prescription you may have, there are designer frames that can fit in the lenses you need, whether you need varifocals or simple corrective spectacles for astigmatism. Even if you only need glasses for easier reading, there are designer frames that will make the mundane activity extra pleasurable. As shallow as that may seem, brands do have that kind of effect on people.

Now, if you’ve made the decision to make a solid purchase and get designer eyewear, you need to make sure that you select wisely. Unless you have a money-bearing tree somewhere, designer glasses aren’t as easy to replace if you decide that they don’t really look great on you or if they get damaged somehow.

If you want inspiration on eyewear brands and styles, look to celebrities. Famous people love wearing sunglasses, for one. Even if they’re just strolling down an ordinary street in London, UK or lazing around some sidewalk cafe in Paris, France, they’re sure to be sporting high-end eyewear, especially if they’re hiding eye bags, dark circles, or light eyelashes. Of course, you need to be realistic. Just because a pair of glasses looks chic on Bar Refaeli, it doesn’t mean that it will elicit the same results with you. Figure out if you look like the supermodel or not before going for the same pair or a similar style.

As a rule, the frames you go for should suit your facial size and shape as well as your skin tone. When considering the shape of your face, go for contrast. An angular face will do better with rounded frames, while round faces go better with rectangular frames. As for colour, it’s best to hold the shade up next your skin to see if it has good interaction with your undertone. Some colours may seem harmless, but they can make your skin look sallow or gray. A healthy hue is the goal here.


Eyewear can make a big difference not only on your eyesight, but on your appearance as well. Make a good investment and not only will you have a practical optical solution, but a timelessly fashionable accessory as well.

About the author: Abigail Mae Prescott, a former freelance fashion journalist and is now an information and communication systems consultant, is very much drawn to shopping, fashion and photograph. Due to her influence and digital knowledge, not to mention, passion for fashion and wise shopping, she is also looking forward to introducing great tips in purchasing designer glasses and fashion accessories in a cheaper and better way.

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