Dior Sunglasses: Styles To Flatter Your Face And Go With Your Personal Style

Fall season is in full swing, making it a perfect time to invest in a new pair of beautiful eyewear. The latest line from Dior is a great mix of class, elegance and a touch of rock n’ roll. Here are just a couple styles that you can choose from that will make you the one to be seen.

Blacktie 10Sn Sunglasses

A great choice for any one with either a long narrow face or even a round, heart shaped one. Dress this pair of sunglasses up with a striking navy pinstripe blue fitted suit or even denim jeans with an old Rolling Stones t-shirt. The frames are dark tortoise shell/black with brown lenses and full frames.

Dior Prescription Sunglasses

For those of you who need a little extra help in the eye department but also enjoy looking their best, there are many Dior prescription sunglasses to choose from. The Dior Croisette 3 is a fun and vibrant look, perfect for any woman with a triangular or diamond shaped face. They come in red with crystal stripes, black/tortoise or purple with crystal stripes. Or if you have more of a heart shaped or round face, a square style frame may be a better fit. Check out the Dior Ever3 sunglasses with multiple colors (havana, fuchsia, pink or black.) All of these sunglasses can be used for distance use or even for reading.

dior sunglasses

Blacktie 134S Sunglasses

Are you a fan of the 80’s? Would you describe your personal style as playful and laid-back? Then these sunglasses would be perfect for you. They are equipped with a full, grey/back frame, square structure, and dark grey lenses. Accessorize this funky look with a red cocktail dress and black pumps or for a man a brown suede jacket, white button-down and red pants.

Diorflanelle3 Sunglasses

These sunglasses are gorgeous, a mix between something Jackie O’ would wear with a touch of Meryl Streep from “The Devil Wears Prada.” This sexy chique and funky style will make you feel like you can rule the world. Dress theseĀ Dior Prescription Sunglasses up with a long fur coat and high stiletto shoes. Or maybe a skirt, blouse and ankle boots with a vintage leather jacket. As long as you look fierce you will totally pull these sassy sunglasses off. They come in a couple different colors, brown, black, red, blue and grey. They’re square in style and depending on the frame colors the lenses will either be brown or grey gradient.

Myladydior8 Polarized Sunglasses

If you adore a great pair of aviators or you are just stuck in a Tom Cruise movie then you will absolutely fall in love with this style. Aviators usually look best if you have an oval, rectangular or heart shaped face. The sunglasses come with full ruthenium/black metal frames and grey polarized lenses. Perfect for a last minute trip to the beach, floral prints or a fitted,black leather strapless dress. Certainly the type of sunglasses that will make any man give you a double-take.

Next time you’re looking for a great pair of eyewear turn to Christian Dior. No matter what your mood or style is you can never go wrong with this selection.


Amy Widows has been a writer and fanatic about fashion for years. She has worked in fashion and wine retail for over 3 years. Her favorite sunglasses are Raybans and Aviators.