Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Jewelry

One of the basic and strong desire of a lady is to make over and make up to make her look beautiful and charming. For this they use cosmetics and jewelry of different kinds. In this regard jewelry is the most demanding fashion accessory of ladies.womens fashion jewelry

Adornments that are made up of or carry jewels and precious metals like bangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings are called Jewelry. Jewelry can be made from different materials like gold, sterling silver, beads, gemstones , steel and other precious and non precious metals but the Gold jewelry is more famous among women all over the world. Due to very high prices of Gold nowadays artificial jewelry is getting popularity.
Jewellery can be divided into types as follows;
1- Head ornaments includes hairpins, fascinators, crowns, nose rings
circlets, Earrings, Nose rings,

2- Neck Jewelry includes Necklaces of different styles.

3- Arms Jewelry includes Armlets, Bracelets, Cuff links, Bangles.

4- Hands Jewelry includes Rings, Promise rings, Wedding rings.

5- Body Jewelry includes Belly chains, Brooches, Breastplates.

6- Legs and Feet Jewelry includes Anklets, Toe rings.


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