Exploring Popular Bridal Jewellery From Across the Globe

We all know that brides want to look amazing on their wedding day.  Of course, the time they spend picking a dress or deciding how to do their hair and makeup for the big day is the stuff of legend in the modern world.

We looked at popular pieces of bridal jewellery from across the world, analysing how they fit into the overall look as well as comparing differences between various cultures.fashion bridal jewelry


The earrings that you wear on your wedding day will change depending on where in the world you are getting married. More than that, they will depend a lot on your own personal tastes. How do earrings compare and contrast around the world?

For the traditional Western ‘white wedding,’ earrings tend to be studs or small hanging earrings. Long earrings and those that are prominent and stand out are not often seen. Muslim weddings can be the complete opposite, with big, bold earrings being worn, often matching other jewellery that is being worn. Big earrings should not in any way be taken to mean tasteless, however, as they always look elegant and classy.


The traditional tiara is a Western favourite, although variances on this piece of jewellery will often be worn around the world and by people from religions other than Christianity.

Wherever you are getting married, a tiara is an excellent addition to any look, it’s desirable yet understated nature perfect for putting attention on the most important person on the day.


Bridal necklaces are very similar to earrings in terms of the way they are worn differently in various cultures. Traditionally, a bride will only wear a necklace on her wedding day if it is made of the finest precious metal and contains expensive stones. Diamond and pearl necklaces are relatively common around the world.

Muslim and Hindu weddings will usually see the bride wearing a necklace. Most of the time, these will be part of a set with matching earrings, and in Hindu weddings, a bindi. These sets may also be expanded to include eyebrow jewellery or jewels stitched into the hair.

Bracelets & Armlets

Arm jewellery is less common, but when a bride wears it, it tends to be spectacular. All around the world, we can find examples of bracelets and other arm jewellery that is part of a set; traditional Western weddings, in particular, will see the bride wearing a matching set of earrings with necklace and bracelet.

While these can be found within other religions, it is perhaps more common for Muslim and Hindu women to go for an armlet that is altogether different from what they are already wearing. One trend is for a bride to wear a relatively thin bracelet with a large, intricate design forming the main part of the jewellery, which then extends up the arm. ‘Full’ armlets that resemble a gladiatorial wrist shield are also increasingly common.

Bridal Jewellery

Although bridal jewellery will be more or less common depending on where in the world you travel, one certainty is that when it is used to enhance the look of a bride, it is done so with great taste and elegance, in a way that creates a truly mesmerising and inspirational appearance.

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