Exploring The Diversity Of The Lace Wedding Gown!

In 2013 lace wedding gowns are everywhere. Dress designers have taken not of the demand and comeback of the tried and true fabric… lovely lace. The best part about lace is that it is so very diverse. It can be worked into any style wedding gown, no matter what kind of dress you like or what style bride you are. Below is a quick look at what types of lace designs you are likely to see in your style.

Romantic Bride: The romantic bride is especially fond of lace. The wedding gown styles can be all lace gowns or gowns that have lace detailing. But don’t doubt that romantic type dresses can be found with tons of this lovely material. It screams romance and femininity. Sheath gowns with lace from head to toe are a very popular choice. Flowing lace gives the look of softness and that hint of romance the bride is looking for.

Traditional Bride: The traditional bride has some fabulous options when it comes to lace. For example, with ball gowns also being a huge trend in 2013, designers have worked lovely lace detailing into the tops or busts of the gown to give that pretty, subtle, yet classic look. A-lines are also a great option for the traditional bride.

Vintage Bride: The vintage bride is very similar to the romantic bride. When one things of vintage wedding dresses, lace immediately comes to mind. However, the cut of the gowns may be a little different. Tea-length gowns with lace skirt embellishments are a very popular look, as are empire dresses with flowing lace draping on the side.

Bohemian Bride: The bohemian bride loves lace because it can be worked into any funky designed dress. Again, this is where the diversity of lace is key. Colored lace is trending in bohemian gowns, as colors are becoming more popular with this style. The free-spirited look is likely to come in the form of a empire dress or a flowing sheath style.

Modern Bride: The modern bride may think she can’t incorporate lace because it does take on that vintage feel. However, cut or razored lace is very hot look that can give a contemporary gown the “wow” factor it needs. Lace can definitely look edgy, and black lace is making a big splash in bridal gowns these days. Architectural dress are a great way to incorporate lace into the modern look.

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