Famous Clothing Brands: Why Are They Famous?

There are many clothing brands worn by celebrities, but why? Why are these brands so famous? In this article, I will tell you why!


Every woman knows this name. The lingerie line is for all sizes of women, even though the models are tiny! Their bra’s make a woman feel extremely sexy. However, theyvictoria secret have other things besides lingerie, they have perfume, make up, sweatpants, boy-shorts, and pajamas, but one thing that all these items have in common is they all make a woman feel young, and every one, even men know women like to feel young.


A new line of women’s clothing posed an image of independence and strength but at the same time sexy, fierce, and chic. Women love to be (or at lease seem) independent. Versace caught women’s eyes and they just have to have it! One must wonder though, are Versace clothes comfortable? Since tons of celebrities wear Versace, it has become more popular to the non-famous part of society; some people are so obsessed with certain celebrities, that they will do everything and anything to be just like them.


Females around the world are in love with the brand Chanel. They just cannot help it. Chanel’s perfume makes women feel sexy and empowered; like a new woman. In addition to Chanel’s clothing line which is ultra simple, artistic, and delicate. Coco Chanel invented “the little black dress” and from the moment, she became a famous designer.


Why do people love Gucci so much? When people talk about the most prestigious jewelry brands, “Gucci” always comes up in the conversation. Gucci’s jewelry and handbags give women a touch of elegancy that so many women try to achieve. Although this brand is high prices, you can find amazing deals on online websites, such as EBay, etc. Gucci’s stylish necklaces have remained one of the worlds most chic and classic styles.


Calvin Klein started designing hippy-style clothes at first, but then changed direction with his simple, understated, elegant clothing line that is for women and men. After the 90s, he started designing other items such as cosmetics, linens, etc.


From handbags to heels, Prada makes a statement. If you want to show your wild side while staying sexy, choose a Prada leather handbag! You will be turning heads!


S.N.S Herning clothing is comfortable yet stylish. This brand is not the most popular “worn on the red carpet” type of look; however, celebrities definitely still wear S.N.S Herning clothing. They are famous for their stylish knitwear such as their coats and cardigans, which are very comfortable yet in style.

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