Fashion Jewellery – Tribute to the World of Diamonds

Fashion and jewelry items go hand in hand. The moment we talk about fashion, accessories automatically come in to the picture as they are an underlying understood area of fashion. Can you think of getting dressed up without matching jewelry items? Don’t you think your entire look will remain incomplete if you don’t have the correct ornaments to wear with it? Well it will be. And fashion jewelry has long been an integral part of our dressing up. Be it a get together, party or going to the college – they are a part of us everywhere. And the best part is there are so many different varieties of items to choose from that one is practically spoilt for choices.tacori22

However if you notice carefully you will see that diamonds are the most common stones that are used in all the different jewelry items, be it an earring, necklace, bracelet, ring and so on. Over the years different gemstones have made their entry in to the world of ornaments but no one has been able to take the place of diamonds. They are unmatched and unsurpassed in their beauty and appeal. So the next time you decide to buy any fashion jewelry item opt for the one that has diamonds encrusted on them.

Some of the popular styles of ornaments that have diamonds encrusted on them are the:

Solitaire ring: an ever popular and classic jewelry item, solitaire rings are still the most sought after <a href=””>unique engagement rings</a> amongst couples across the globe. Their beauty and appeal is unsurpassed. And if you wish to add color to this ring then opt for the colored diamonds that are available in different cuts and settings. Pink and yellow are the two popular colors that are used, while some of the sought after cuts are oval, square, emerald, Asscher, princess cut and so on. As far as the settings are concerned one can opt for bezel, pave and prong setting. However keep in mind that the setting matches the type of diamond used otherwise the stone might fall off.

Diamond Stud Earrings: Another popular jewelry item, these studs are a favorite office wear. To add the correct amount of bling to your office atmosphere opt for Diamond stud. These studs are also available in different shapes. What more one can easily wear these earrings even after office.

Diamond pendants: Another way to add appeal to your otherwise formal attire is to wear diamond pendants. As you are wearing it to an office go for a small sized pendant. In case you are planning to buy it for your next kitty party then go for a medium sized pendant. You can opt from different designs like butterfly, rose and so on.

Diamond Bracelets: They look very pretty when worn on the wrist. The small diamonds encrusted on the platinum, twinkle and shine with utmost brilliance when light falls on them. And when you move your hands, all eyes will be on the bracelet after all they are such pretty little things.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy one of these for all those compliments waiting to be showered on you! Happy Shopping!

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