Five Fashion Tips For Staying Hot Even In The Cold Weather

When the cold weather arrives, you probably care about staying warm more than you care about looking hot. With potential partners passing you every day on the street, your boss looking at your clothing and everyone else you walk by, you need to look your best because you never know who might be watching. Stay warm and look hot this winter with the right clothing.

Five Fashion Tips For Staying Hot Even In The Cold Weather

Choose a Cool Jacket


The right coat or jacket can make you look great no matter what you wear underneath your coat. Opt for something simple or basic, such as a peacoat in a dark color. You can easily dress up the coat with some great accessories, and by changing out your hat or gloves, you can make the coat look new again season after season.


Prevent Heat Loss with a Hat


Your mother never let you out of the house without a hat perched on your head, but you probably dash around all winter long without a hat. A hat can make your boring winter outfit look a little more stylish and prevent heat loss at the same time. A wool beanie in a bright and vibrant color is a great option, but you can also opt for something classic like a fedora.


Grab a Pair of Boots


As much as you love your old All Stars, put them in the closet this winter. Those old canvas shoes can leave your toes feeling frigid and leave you unsteady on the snow and ice. A good pair of leather boots will keep your feet warm and toasty throughout the winter. Boots that go up the calves or stop just below your knee can make you feel even warmer.


Don’t Forget the Accessories


No matter what you wear this winter, make sure that you add the right accessories. A good pair of leather or wool gloves can keep your fingers from turning into ice cubes, while a matching scarf will protect your neck and help you retain more heat. When you have accessories in more than one color, you can change up your winter look every day.


When in Doubt, Layer


If you really need to stay warm, layer your clothing. Choose a tee shirt made from a natural fiber like those you might find at or other websites. Cover that shirt with a long sleeve tee shirt and a shirt over that. You can also layer tights or long underwear under your pants for additional warmth.


Layering your clothes, wearing the right accessories and choosing the right coat can make you look stylish and feel warm throughout those cold winter months.