Follow The Lead Of The British To Create A Professional Wardrobe

It’s important to maintain a professional look in the business world to inspire confidence in your clients as well as your business associates. For both men and women, it can be a challenge to have a great working wardrobe that is versatile enough to fit any occasion yet affordable enough not to break a reasonable budget. It can also be difficult to find great styles that are appropriate for office wear that also are on the cutting edge of fashion.british fashion The British seem to have a special knack for dressing in business wear that looks elegant, sophisticated and fashionable enough to cross over into the non-business world whenever the need arises. 

It’s All In The Cut And Style

British professional fashion style has unique look that is ready for business but in a contemporary way. Men’s suits have great lines and are tailored to fit to accentuate the male form and look classy doing it. Extra attention is paid to the small details that can make the difference between looking polished and custom made or off the rack when it comes to men’s suits. Stitched edge collars, working cuff buttons and monogrammed linings are just a few of the details that will stand out and set a British suit apart from any other.

Women Can Add Feminine Touches That Set Them Apart From The Men

For women’s professional wear, suits are definitely the high water mark. How women’s suits can be cut to flatter the figure and still look perfect for office wear is an advantage that women who shop for sharp looking clothing have. The British have a way of using color to its maximum advantage in women’s clothing that is designed for professional wear. Classic black, gray and navy come alive with just the right accents and contrasts strategically designed into business suits. It’s possible to create a professional look that is not lacking in femininity through the addition of a blouse in a soft color or with just the slightest ruffle or lace to differentiate from men’s clothing. 

Our English cousins across the water seem to have the look of the working professional all sewn up. When you want to look your best and dress with an air of class and refinement, look to British fashion for inspiration and ideas. There are many retailers that have imported clothing from England as well as fashions that take their cue from British style making it easy to dress for success the English way.

Stephanie Frasco writes for the social shopping website.  She is the Community Manager and writes about lots of topics relating to fashion.

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