From Biker To Businessman – 5 Tips For Cleaning Up Impressively

It’s true that you’re judged by your looks. Men that clean up well find success in almost every area of their life. So if you’ve never much cared before, now is a good time to start. If you’ve always been a bit mystified as to how to look polished, here are five tips that will help you.Businessman Riding Motorcycle

Stray hairs are bad
Clean up your brows. Obviously you don’t want fussy, overly plucked brows. You should not, however, have any hairs growing between your brows. This is called a unibrow and it is bad. Trim hairs that grow from your nose and ears. There are many tools designed to do this. Buy them, add them to your grooming kit and use them.

Unruly nails are bad
If you’ve been pounding nails, chances are your fingernails could use attention. Use a nail brush to clean them. Trim them so they are short. Trim hangnails and apply a bit of lotion to your hands, rubbing it in so that you moisturize the cuticles. Set off the look with cufflinks from

Spots on clothing must be avoided
Take clothing to a good cleaner so that they can make sure your garments are crisp, clean and free from spots. You may not see stains, but a potential date or client will. If you spill something on an item of clothing, have it cleaned as soon as possible so that the stain doesn’t set.

Shoes should be shiny
Make sure your shoes are shiny and free from scuffs. Just because you put them on last doesn’t mean they are noticed last. Shoes that are cared for last longer, freeing up money for you to spend on more exciting pursuits.

Well-fitted clothing is key
You are likely to notice overly tight clothing straight away and remedy the problem by sizing up. Alternatively, clothing that is too large and baggy is also undesirable. Go the extra mile by having your clothes altered so that they fit you just so. It will make you look taller, more fit and more competent. It really is an art, so go to a professional that will make it worth your while.

A large part of looking your best is attention to detail. Fussing over details may seem unmanly if you are not accustomed to it. It turns out to be quite the opposite. Attention to key details makes men successful.