Future Of The Wristwatch

A century ago, we told the time by looking at large clocks on buildings or on the mantelpiece. Then we invented an affordable technology that allowed us to wear wristwatches, and in the 1970s the new computer age heralded the invention of digital watches, which did not rely on being wound up and showed the time in quite a different way. There’s no indication that the progress of technology is slowing down, so what can we expect to be wearing on our wrists in the next century or two?

USB Charging

Most watches need to be wound up regularly or run on batteries which require to be changed when they run out. New watch technology has been invented which allows watch owners to plug their watches into their laptops or computers with a USB connection and charge up their watch in the same way as you would charge up a mobile or switch pictures onto a memory stick. There is even a new sort of watch which can be charged up using a USB port and which will vibrate to wake you up in exactly the same way as a mobile phone would. It was developed by a worker who had to start work very early in the morning, and didn’t want to wake her partner with a traditional alarm clock.


Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days and more of us are abandoning our wristwatches in favour of the digital clocks on the mobile phone. Many watch manufacturers are tapping into this market by starting to research special apps which won’t just tell you the time, but which can act as altimeters, stop watches, calorie counters, world clocks and alarm clocks too. Apps are a growing market, but when you compare the several hundred pounds it can cost for a wristwatch to the couple of pounds it costs to download an app, this isn’t a huge market for the watch companies. Apps are more useful as a marketing tool which can be used to raise awareness of the brand and make them more desirable.

Touchscreen Watch

Wouldn’t it be cool to do away with your watch completely, and have a watch which has a touchscreen and lets you make calls, go online and play your favourite games? It all sounds a bit James Bond, but several companies are researching and developing products for this market. The trick will be getting a screen small enough as not to look stupid on a wristwatch, but large enough to be able to display all of your information clearly. Also, if you combine your watch and your phone, you stand less chance of losing it.


Despite technological advances, there is still going to be a demand in the future for the traditional style wristwatch. With technology advancing all the time, it’s simply impossible to keep up with every new development. Opting for a classic style which will not date means that your watch will last for decades and manufacturers are addressing this by sticking with their classic range of watches

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