Get To Know The Best Clothing Trends This Summer!

Fashion trends keep changing all the time. Thus, it becomes essential to go shopping and buy something new and appealing which would make you stand out. Women and fashion are inseparable. If you’ve ever faced that line at parties – “Oh, isn’t this the same dress you wore to the other party?”- You know that this is the worst question you want to hear!

So, let us see what new items can be added to your summer wardrobe this year.

Shirts: Something Different

Shirts are a must-have, but this season, you could add something different.

  • Shirt with a Split Neck and Colour Block: Shirts could never get more interesting and sexy than this. This type of shirt is a bit thicker that the usual shirts you have in your collection. The colour block represents the latest fashion and gives you an appealing look.
  • Ethnic Shirts: Plain shirts are an all-time in. How about some experimenting with prints on ethnic shirts? The Bohemian style shirt is an awesome piece of apparel to be added to your wardrobe. It not only gives you a stylish look but with the flow and prints, also makes you look exotic.
  • Chambray Shirt: For those who prefer wearing loose shirts, this summer they can buy a chambray shirt. This material looks like denim but is much lighter than it. There are various designs available in the market from plain shirts to embroidered ones.
  • Silk Shirt: There are people who are very sensitive to hot weather and can only wear light clothes. For them, a silk shirt is the best option. The fabric allows air to pass through and thus is cooler than other materials. But remember to iron it on a ‘delicate’ setting whenever you wish to wear it.

Tops: The Best Options

Tops come in variety of materials and designs. Here are few very appealing ones you are sure to love!

  • Bright Top with Thin Material: Neon is in. You will find girls everywhere wearing bright eye-popping colours, so why are you thinking so much? This summer season, you can wear thin stuff like Chiffon that could help with keeping away the heat. The bright colours combined with the thin cloth will give you a lot of relief.
  • Wrap: It’s all about fashion, so you expect some very interesting patterns and styles. Wraps are something you can keep for days which are somewhat cooler. You could wear it with different combinations and look unique as ever.
  • Tank Tops: These tops are less fitted and are not very common. You can find a top in a bright colour and pair it with a nice pair of shorts. Want to get trendier? Ask for a tank top with crochet work. The beautiful lacy work will add to your beauty while also keeping you cool.
  • Chiffon Tops: A square neckline gives a new look to every lady. You could go for a translucent chiffon top with cool pastel colors like baby pink or blue.

Bottoms: Away From Classic

This season go colourful and add a decent collection of these as well.

summer clothing

  • Bell Bottoms: Tall ladies can wear classic ‘bell bottoms’ or what people call flared pants. A bell bottom with a shirt will give you a unique look and depict your style quotient.
  • Shorts with Colourful Patterns: Colourful shorts are here to add glamour to your persona. One can go for shorts which are of medium length while those who are teenagers can go for the shorter varieties! Interesting? Just go and buy one today!

One-Piece Dresses

These dresses are meant make you look cool and hot at the same time.

  • Geometric Outfit: The material used in making such dresses is very light and these are completely a must-have this summer. However, since a geometric pattern has bigger shapes, it suits taller women better than petite ones. So if you have the right height, just buy one and flaunt it.
  • Tube Dress: Wish to be prepared for the hottest day? Buy a pink tube dress. Just match it with a new hairdo and matching footwear and you are all set.
  • Vibrant Romper: You are a style diva and want to maintain the title this summer as well? Then, you must go for a romper! A romper in a bright colour like red, with a neckpiece and matching footwear will help you be well-coordinated and stylish.

So, now that you know what you need to buy, just go shopping and enjoy the new look this summer!

The author likes to shop for summer wardrobe too. His favourite beach wear is a sarong, which is a must have in the summer wardrobe list for all.

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