Going on Holiday to Buy Jewellery

If you are looking to invest in some jewellery then you may wish to consider killing two birds with one stone and making a holiday out of it as well. You can get some great deals around the world on various pieces of jewellery or even rough uncut stones. You could actually save yourself quite a bit of money if you travel to a countrdiamond jewelryy where the market is a lot cheaper than where you live. There are all sorts of precious and semi precious stones which can be turned into intricate and extravagant jewellery:

  • Diamonds
  • Ruby’s
  • Sapphires
  • Pearls
  • Opals
  • Emeralds

Although most of these stones can be found all round the world, you will need to be careful in where you buy them from, in order to make sure you are getting exactly what it is you are paying for and also to make sure that you are making a legal purchase as well.

Popular Destinations

There are lots of destinations which are popular with people for buying precious stones. Africa as a continent is a very large supplier of diamonds, however a lot of stones which come from here are what is known as conflict stones, or blood diamonds. These are stone which are sold n order to fund war or insurgency and the sale of these has been banned across the world. This means that you should only deal with sellers that can provide provenance as to the origin of the stones and if the stones seem to be a lot cheaper than normal market price, then it is best to walk away as there will be a reason for this. Either it is conflict stones or you are not getting what you think you are. Australia is also a good place to buy precious stones and there is a range of good quality retailers here which can sell both readymade pieces of jewellery, bespoke designed jewellery or even wholesale diamonds and other precious stones such as Opals.


Things to be careful of

As well as making sure that you are not purchasing conflict stones, there are also some other issues you need to be aware of when purchasing diamonds or other precious stones abroad;


  • Exchange Rate
  • Insurance
  • Import Duty
  • Taxes

Where ever you decide to go on holiday to buy your jewellery, you will need to take into account the exchange rate and work out the exact cost in your local currency as  this will help determine if you are getting as much of a bargain as you think you are. You may not have to pay local taxes as you are a tourist, but you may need to be aware of import duty which you should pay when going back to your home country. If you fail to declare the goods when you go home then you could end up with a big bill which could suddenly make your purchase very expensive. You will also need to be careful of your insurance as most holiday insurance policies will only cover items up to a certain value. You may wish to take out additional coverage if you are going to be transporting valuable jewellery, just in case of loss or an accident.


Finding a dealer

It is advised that you do some research on the local dealers in the area that you are visiting before you book your holiday. You can even send them an email and ask them questions before you even get to the country. A good dealer will be happy to answer as many questions as you have and will not try and push you into a purchase before you are ready. Look for industry accreditation advertised on their company website and also check out forums and review sites where you can get peoples first hand experiences of their dealings with the company in question. There is a wealth of knowledge available at our fingertips, which is also free of charge! We just need to make sure that we use the power of the internet to our advantage and get as much information as we can. It is also advised that you may wish to only take charge of your purchase before you leave to go home. You might not feel to secure with a high value purchase being left in your hotel room or safe. A good jeweller will be happy to agree a deal and let you collect when is best for yourself. All in all, you can get some great deals on jewellery and precious stones when going abroad. You do need to be careful though and do some research in where you are going, what you are looking for and who you are looking to deal with. If you do enough legwork though, you may be able to unearth a bargain of a lifetime!



This article was written by Tiffany Richards for Diamonds Queensland, which offers both high quality finished pieces of jewellery as well as wholesale diamonds and other precious stones. Tiffany is a keen

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