Gold Or Silver Wedding Jewelry, Which Is Right For You?

Not so long ago silver jewelry was all the rage when it came to bridal or wedding jewelry. However, within the last decade or less, gold jewelry has definitely increased in popularity and more and more  brides are choosing it over silver. There are certain shades of gold and silver from which to choose, all of which are lovely. Many brides will choose depending on what style or theme their wedding is, or even their wedding gown color can play a role in what is selected. Some golds and silvers look more appropriate than others in different settings. Check out some facts below to see whether gold or silver is best for you to sport on your big day.

Gold Wedding Jewelry

Gold wedding jewelry can really bring together a look when chosen wisely. Vendors are making gold costume jewelry for brides in stunning designs. Popular bridal styles such as vintage and bohemian looks lend themselves especially well to gold jewelry. Also, ivory gowns are perfect for showing off shades of gold.

  • Standard gold:  Standard gold is a shiny gold that looks like 14K gold. It has a very polished finish and can be quite lovely. This shade of gold can also work with a contemporary bridal look. If you choose a standard gold, be sure not to go overboard with it—a little goes a long way. For example, gold chandelier earrings and a statement bracelet are just perfect. Adding a necklace to the mix might be overkill.
  • Antique gold:  Antique gold refers to a shade of gold that looks worn or brassy. It gives a wink and a nudge to days gone by and is absolutely beautiful for the vintage bride. Since this shade of gold is muted, you can actually wear more pieces, so feel free to add that necklace to the mix.

Silver Wedding Jewelry

Silver wedding jewelry is abundant and is loved by many brides. Modern and princess brides love this look. If you choose silver, make sure your dress color compliments it—for example, stark white or diamond white dresses are and ideal match.

  • Sterling or standard silver: The standard silver or sterling is probably the most popular bridal jewelry color there is. It is very versatile and has a very shiny finish look to it. A great way to buy silver wedding jewelry is to buy it in a coordinated set. This could be two or three pieces, depending on what you like.
  • Rhodium: Rhodium, also known as a vintage-looking silver, popped onto the scene some years back and has also proved itself to be one of the most sought after shades.  The reason being is that it can go with so many looks and dress colors, and can also cross over to go with a vintage look with its worn and muted finish—which looks almost like pewter.
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