Hot Summer Looks – New Trends for the New Season

With summer here, all the latest trends are coming out and heating up – fast. How will you stay ahead of the curve? Heading to the beach? Touring the concert circuit? Looking for a summer fling? Don’t get left out with last year’s duds, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and reinvent your look. Read on for some quick – and affordable – ways to turn heads as you roll by on your beach cruiser bike.

Jewels Rule

No, we’re not talking big, clunky earrings and shiny gold watches – this is summer time! The best way to accessorize is with something fun, colorful and tasteful. Slip on a necklace of freshwater pearl beads or tie a leather bracelet around your wrist. If you’re heading to a music festival, don’t be afraid to embrace your inner hippie and overdo the earthy tones. Wooden bangles, colorful bracelets and fun, stylish ways to add a unique spin to any summer outfit.

Shady Operation

Every. Single. Person needs a good pair of sunglasses. Or two. Or five. The bottom line is, it never stops being bright, and let’s face it – they make you look damn good. But every person also has their own particular style. Wayfarers might work for some, wire rims on others, sport plastics on a couple and aviators on the rest. There are countless different shapes, colors and looks out there – and countless different prices. One thing to keep in mind is that by very nature of being sunglasses, they will get lost, stolen or broken. No matter what or how many pairs you have, be smart where you wear your favorites and don’t let them fall off your head when you’re leaning over a ledge.

Color You Yours

We wait all winter long, in the drab greys, browns and blacks to unleash the more colorful side of ourselves. Why hold back? Wear that bright green shirt (that only makes it out on St. Patty’s Day)! Get decked out in the pink shorts or the yellow polka-dotted dress. If there’s ever a time when you can get away with it, it’s now, when cares are as free as your feet and everyone is just a little bit happier.

Flip-Flopping Out

Just like your pink shorts, your feet have been cooped up all winter long (and most of the spring). Let them free and express yourself with a fresh pair of flip-flops or sandals. Either go for the traditional thong or try out a more durable multi-strap design, but as long as you have your toes free, you’re living the summer lifestyle. Of course, you could always go barefoot…

Make a Splash

How could we almost forget? A fresh bathing suit is just as important as your shades, your thong flip-flops and a new set offreshwater pearl beads. Heading to a friend’s pool party? Taking a week down the shore? Or touring the Caribbean from the top deck of a cruise ship? A bathing suit is a must-have when it comes to making a splash, and leaving an impression. Shop smart – as they can get pricey – but find the look that best works for you and go for it.

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