Hottest Trends For Autumn 2013

As the weather is beginning to cool it is time to start thinking about renewing your wardrobe for the upcoming autumn. There are a lot of great trends coming up this autumn that provide a lot of variety to suit different tastes and styles.

The current trends are great because of the versatility as well as personality.

Here are some of the hottest trends for autumn 2013.

Traditional And Modest

If you aren’t that much into experimental fashion and you usually don’t jump in as soon as the newest trends come out then autumn 2013 is really going to be a lovely change of tone for you. This season it is all about comfortable and modest clothes. Don’t worry though as there are still options for the wild-hearted fashionistas.

A lot of the brands have brought almost church going styles on to the catwalks. Colours are very toned down and the clothes aren’t revealing almost any flesh. There are a lot of very cosy looking clothes from knitwear to suits.womens fashion clothing

Navy Blue Is The Colour Of The Season

If there is one hot colour of this season then it must be navy blue. This has featured heavily on all catwalks and so many brands and designers use it to regularly on their clothes. Navy blue is a much welcomed trend since it is a really stylish colour to choose in work clothes and give a really sophisticated look to your style.

Elle is also saying navy blue is really trendy when used together with the other autumn favourites of black and burgundy. This is a really versatile combination and will look amazing in a lot of situations. You should definitely choose navy and burgundy to add to your wardrobe in some form.

Urban Rebellion

A must style for autumn 2013 is to go rebellious. Urban rebellion is a really hot favourite with brands bringing back those iconic chequered shirts back that were a must during the grunge days. Urban style with big jackets and trendy trainers are a popular choice to make this autumn.

You can check out the hottest trends in urban clothing at J-Bees. Mixing urban style with a rebellious look with leather fabrics and chains creates a lot of different options for you and you still have a lot of room to play with your style.

Animal Prints Just Won’t Go Away

One print that has really managed to keep itself out there is the leopard print, which has been a big favourite for a long time. Autumn 2013 is no different since the leopard prints are still holding on as one of the hottest prints of the season.

The coming autumn will bring a change to animal prints and make them available in different colours. Pink and red are especially a favourite this upcoming season.

The above are the hottest trends for autumn 2013. This season really offers something for everyone and there are very simple ways to turn your look into a trendy one. Just invest into a few key items and colours and you can be sure that you are turning heads wherever you go.

Nicky has two passions. Her first love was fashion and she started dressing up her dolls before she could walk. Her second love started when she was eight and her dad bought her a guitar.