How Can Muslim Women Stay Fashionable At Work?

Long gone are the days when Muslim women were unable to have any confidence in their style. While following traditional Islamic dress meant they were observing their faith, in terms of their overall lifestyle they had a tendency to make things awkward and uncomfortable.

We looked at some of the common elements and garments contained within modern Muslim fashions, and how Islamic women can look stylish and fashionable while feeling confident in themselves at all times. An important element of all of these styles is that they continue to allow women to observe their Muslim faith by dressing modestly, yet continue to ensure they look and feel great.muslim women abaya

Stylish Dresses

There are fewer better garments to be worn in the professional work environment for Muslim women than the Kaftan dress. These tick all of the boxes in terms of what you would ever want from an item of clothing.

Not only are they modest dress, but they generally come in sober, conservative colours. In addition to this, they are comfortable, stylish, and functional. Kaftan dresses also work brilliantly in a casual environment, meaning that women won’t encounter the discomfort of going shopping or to a restaurant, for example, wearing professional clothes that they wouldn’t ordinarily wear.

One final element of kaftans and other Islamic dresses, such as abayas, is how similar they are in appearance to many popular Western styles of dress. An Islamic woman who is conscious about fitting in to any environment isn’t going to feel as if she is drawing any attention to herself wearing a kaftan dress, as it will look like many dresses that are readily available in many popular mainstream fashion retailers.

The Hijab

While some women decide not to wear a hijab, for many it is still an essential part of their dress. Like other elements of style, however, the hijab has also become more modern and available in a variety of styles. Traditionalists are still able to choose a sober colour such as grey, black, or navy, should they choose to do so, yet there has recently been a large increase in the numbers of coloured and patterned hijabs available.

The great thing about the introduction of colour and patterns is that it has been done tastefully, and in many ways reflects the trends seen in modern contemporary fashion.

Away from dresses and hijabs, long tops and shawls continue to be popular garments as these can be worn with slack trousers, or jeans where these are acceptable in work places.

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