How to Dress Fashionably for a Muslim Wedding

If you have been invited to a Muslim wedding, whether you are Muslim or not, it is important that you dress appropriately for the occasion.  If you are a Muslim, then getting the etiquette correct is going to be easy, and all you need to do is find something great to wear (more on that later). However, non-Muslims could find it challenging to acquire a suitable outfit, particularly if they are not aware of any customs they should adhere to.

Before we look at traditional Islamic clothing outfit ideas, we’ll look at how a non-Muslim might choose to dress.

Keep it Simple

This is the best advice we could possibly give. While you should obviously adhere to any direct instructions regarding the dress code on the invitation, sticking to a traditional suit or a dress depending on your gender is the best thing to do. You do not need to go out and buy a piece of Islamic clothing just for the occasion, although if you are a close friend or family member you might choose to do so, or even have it insisted upon by those getting married.

Think about changing up your outfit from conservative colours and being more bright and extrovert; Muslim weddings tend to be glamorous and glitzy affairs, after all, so such an attire will help you to fit in perfectly.

Remember, too, to keep clothing modest and unrevealing; the colour is your chance to be flamboyant!

Kaftan Dresses

Time to look at traditional Islamic clothing ideas now and a kaftan dress can be a perfect item to wear for a wedding, as it can be worn simply or dressed up with jewels and accessories to create an all-round desirable look.kaftan dresses

One big positive that kaftan dresses give you is that they offer the utmost in comfort and convenience, so are perfect for long days when you have different aspects of the ceremony to attend. Who wants to be wearing an uncomfortable dress for 12 hours and maybe even longer? If you’re attending a Muslim wedding that lasts for days, make sure you have more than one!

Non-Muslim women can also get stylish kaftan style dresses from a number of contemporary retailers should they wish to dress in such a style.


When it comes to luxury there are few Islamic clothing garments that come close to the abaya. Abaya cloaks tend to be popular as pieces of formalwear and are widely worn by Muslim women in the workplace, but it is special occasions when abayas truly come into their own, especially if they are produced from luxurious silk or other similar fabrics.

Aab Collection has a wide range of great abayas produced in this way, with colours including Olive and Pinky Brown. Right now, these are both highly fashionable, in season colours that are perfect for wearing to a Muslim wedding.

Great style is a must at a Muslim wedding; ensure you consider the garments discussed here so you fit the glamour and excitement of the occasion perfectly.


Author Bio: Jessica is a fashion student who enjoys studying cultural style. As part of her studies she has bought a number of kaftan dresses, abayas, and jilbabs, and is looking at creating a number of customized versions of these for some Muslim friends.