How To Dress Modestly And Look Amazing!

Today’s society is so very different to that of the past. Every place you look, every television set which you turn on and even in every song you hear played on the radio – they all have one invariable theme – sex.

It seems that in order to be attractive and to get by in life, the message which our young girls are hearing is that they need to look “available”. It is something which causes so many women, Muslim and otherwise to feel uncomfortable and even somewhat lost.

Dressing modestly isn’t boring!

When many people hear the term “dressing modestly” they automatically think of the prim schoolteacher look. However with the whole backlash against revealing clothing nowadays and with women feeling empowered by dressing how we want to dress, designers are sitting up and listening.

 With regards to the modern Muslim woman, there are some beautiful Islamic clothing choices unavailable. In a full range of both contemporary and vibrant colours and in beautiful fabrics you can stand out from the crowd without looking remotely boring!

 Take the evening dresses from the range of modest wear from Many of these beautiful gowns come in classic black with lots of embellishments and adornments to add that touch of glamour and class which will take you seamlessly from day till night on any occasion.

modest apparel

 This range is perfect for Eid and for any formal parties or dinners and will certainly make you feel a million dollars!

How colour and cut come into the equation

 A modest woman doesn’t feel the need to show off her body. She knows that she can look good in beautiful Islamic clothing such as a well tailored abaya which is actually perfect for the workplace. With up to the minute military styles being hot right now, you can ensure that you are looking great throughout the day without compromising your values.

That is the thing, the cut of your clothing really can make your outfit a winner. Well tailored clothing which is in a colour which suits your complexion should be every woman’s style goal.

 Team your outfit with a beautifully patterned hijab in a complementary colour and you will feel on top of the world. Hijabs come in so many beautiful and light fabrics nowadays and by finishing your look off with a classic hijab pin along with that must have bonnet cap which is a necessity especially in the awful windy British weather!

 When choosing the right colour of scarf its always good to have a few neutrally toned ones which will literally go with anything. These are excellent for just throwing on to go out to the shops or for a quick trip for coffee with friends.

For special occasions however, push the boat out and buy one which you know makes you feel and look good. Team your outfit with some beautiful and contemporary statement jewellery and you will be well on your way to a great day or evening out without compromising your modesty!

Aisha is a fashion content writer that has specialised in religious clothing since undertaking her dissertation on this subject back in 1999. Aisha also attends a number of the top fashion shows across the world to keep updated in the industry.

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