How To Dress Up On A Saturday Night

to wear? It isn’t easy to look your best on a Saturday night, especially if you aren’t all into high heels and mini dresses.

Here are some simple tips and style ideas for a great Saturday night look.

saturday night dress tips

A Simple Dark Dress

You definitely should start by shopping for a simple dark dress. The best option is to go for a slim fit model as this can really give you plenty of options for accessorising. At the moment navy blue is such a big trend colour that it could be just the right choice for a dress.

You can then develop your evening look further by either opting for statement jewellery or subtler jewellery. This either gives you a bold, energetic look or a softer feminine touch.

Black And White

There are plenty of great colour combinations but black and white are perfect for a Saturday night. It is the perfect combination to create you a really elegant yet bold look and will help you look different from the rest.

Try combining white butterfly pants together with a black sheer blouse, for example. This is a really nice way to coordinate the colour blocking and it gives you a great look for the night.

Tone Down Metallic Shine

Metallic shine is really fashionable at the moment. But a full metallic dress might be a more suitable option for the red carpet rather than a night out with friends. But you should consider toning this dress down a bit and thus making it perfect for Saturday night.

For example, wear a long metallic dress with a simple cardigan or even a woolly shirt. This tones down the shine a lot yet still gives you that elegant sparkle with your look.

Jumpsuit Glory

You might feel like jumpsuits aren’t for you but there are some amazing models out there that you should try. A floral jumpsuit is perfect for a really chic Saturday night look at the moment.

You can find out simple tips for wearing jumpsuits from this Fashion’s Passion article. Make sure you also accessorise your jumpsuit with a nice belt and wear a lovely blazer to stay warm.

Heels For The Win

You can create a nice all black outfit with simple skinny jeans, a sheer black blouse and dress it all up with some proper black pumps. This is a really simple look for a Saturday night out and it will make you feel comfortable yet stylish.

Simple high heels are really good for turning any outfit into a bit more glamorous look, so it is a good idea to get yourself a pair. Black shoes can really give your style that extra kick and turn it into a more elegant and sexy look.

The above tips can help you create a lovely look for a Saturday night. The above examples are all very simple yet fun. Looking good on a Saturday night doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable.


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