How To Say ‘I Do’: Inscriptions For Wedding Rings

The rings; they are the most important and most enduring part of any wedding ceremony. The dress is worn for a day, the cake might last a week but the rings stick around, long past “I do”. You wear the rings for a lifetime and as such you want to make sure they perfectly capture the essence of your love, the sincerity of the vows you made and the memories of the special day. The best way to ensure you have the perfect rings is to opt for bespoke rings. Should you want to add an even more personal touch to your rings, you could consider getting them engraved with your initials, the date you got married or a romantic quote. Below are some of the most popular love quotes from movies and music, all of a ring-friendly length and all with deeper meaning.women_ring


You Had Me At Hello – Jerry Maguire

A different way of saying you fell in love at first sight, this popular quote from the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire expresses how your hearts already belonged to one another, long before you’d even finished the very first meeting.

You Complete Me – Jerry Maguire

Another popular snippet from Jerry Maguire, this simple quote lends itself to the idea of soul mates. It is a simple declaration that before the two of you found each other you felt like something very important was missing and since joining hands in matrimony, you feel whole.

I Want All Of You Forever – The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks’ novels and their subsequent movies are famous for being the epitome of romance and advocating the idea of “the one”. The Notebook is arguably Sparks’ most iconic work, with a love story that transcends generations. The very idea (let alone the declaration) of wanting the good, the bad and the ugly bits of one person forever is one that people in love cannot resist melting to, making it a wonderful quote for a wedding band engraving.


I Will Always Love You – Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s iconic love song I Will Always Love You has been revered and rehashed time and time again. It’s simple, honest lyrics, gentle melody and deeply romantic sentiment say exactly what every person truly in love wants to scream from the rooftops; I will always love you. It’s the perfect sentiment to put on a ring that symbolises eternal love.

Love Is A Promise – John Lennon

John Lennon was a song-smith extraordinaire and a man very in touch with his emotional and spiritual side. His talent lay in his ability to summarise a thousand emotions and convey them in one simple sentence, such as “love is a promise”. Lennon couldn’t have been more to the point with this assertion which reminds us that love is indeed a promise, particularly once vows and rings have been exchanged, making it a fitting engraving for one (or both) of those rings.

Forever And Always – Taylor Swift

Also acknowledging the eternal nature of love, Taylor Swift’s song Forever and Always is a simple musing about love and it reinforces how love is infinite and unconditional. This is particularly apt as a potential engraving for a wedding ring(s) because it is synonymous with the idea of everlasting love, as promised when you vow to love one another “forever and ever, ‘til death do you part”.

However you decide to say “I Do” with your bespoke rings, make sure that you remember the rings are more than just an accessory; they symbolise all that you two are and all of the love you have for each other so any markings or written sentiments they have need to be meaningful and completely personal to you both.

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