How To Stay Cool During A Hot Summer

During the summer months, it can be difficult to maintain our polished and slick appearance.  Extremes of weather often find us wanting when it comes to how we look. In the summer, we just want to cool down by any means necessary; ditto for warming up when the winter freeze sets in.

However, being cool, both in terms of how we feel and look, in the summer is not something that is unachievable. In fact, it is probably easier than you ever imagined it to be. We explored how you can stay cool in all ways when it starts to heat up in the summer months.

Go for Loose, Not Less

The biggest mistake that many make is to wear less and expose ourselves to the sun. kaftan fashion dressesThe answer is not to wear fewer clothes, but to wear loose ones.

Fashion for this summer is moving towards more relaxed cut garments, too, so forget any worries there may have been about not looking stylish enough. Wearing loose clothes creates more airflow around your body and stops most of the UV light from the sun getting to the skin, which is both damaging and irritating in terms of heat.

Think about the materials you wear, too. Linen is usually the best option for keeping cool, but organic cotton and other simple fibres do a great job.

Think Feet

You’re sweating buckets and having to wipe your face what seems like every 30 seconds, so why would you be thinking about your feet?

Well, sweating anywhere can be annoying, but when it comes to feet, it can stop us being comfortable whether we are walking around or sitting down, trying to relax. The problem most encounter is that they do not consider summer footwear. Persisting with leather shoes or plimsolls is a certain road to uncomfortable town.

If you have to wear smart leather shoes for work, for example, then you will have to grin and bear it. Otherwise, consider a comfortable pair of espadrilles. These are not only comfortable, but they will keep your feet cool and looking great. Espadrilles are also a major staple item of this summer for both women and men, so you aren’t going against the style rules by picking up a pair.

Use Accessories Wisely

This goes back somewhat to the ‘less is more’ misconception we explored earlier. You can always accessorise, no matter what the time of year. The key in summer is how you do it.

A stylish hat is a great way to keep your head cool and the sun from your face, while a headscarf can also look good and does the job. Big, overstated sunglasses are a big must buy for summer, so those can cover up any tell-tale signs in your eyes that the heat is starting to get to you.

In terms of a bag, stick to the essentials. No need to be carrying half of your cosmetic products around and making life more difficult, is there?

Keep cool in the summer and be comfortable and confident throughout the summer months.

Aisha Malik is a passionate fashion writer focusing on many trends, including keeping cool in summer, and how garments such as kaftan dresses are perfect for achieving this aim.

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