Jewelry For Men: Hot Or Not?

The question has been around ever since jewelry became popular: should men wear it, aside from ‘obligation jewelry’ such as a wedding band?  In the last 20 years or so, as it has become more acceptable for men to take great pride in their appearance, the subject of jewelry has become cause for even stronger debate.

All you have to do to see how much of an impact jewelry is having on the male market is go to any jewelers, or even a regular fashion store, to see just how much space is dedicated to such products.

This all leads us to the question, is jewelry for men hot, or not?

Jewelry for Men is a Good Thing

bracelet for menWe are always told that accessories are such a big and important part of fashion, and that without them, outfits fall flat and have little about them. Therefore, surely wearing jewelry is a natural thing to do. Jewelry is an accessory, after all.

This is especially the case when it comes to fashion jewelry that is well matched and designed with the latest seasonal trends in mind. Why not wear beads, a bracelet, or a cuff with a new shirt and a pair of jeans.

Jewelry also has the effect of lifting an appearance to greater heights. The man wearing jewelry looks affluent, desirable, and has that certain aura about him. In contrast, the one who does not looks plain and uninspiring.

Jewelry for Men: No. Just No.

designed tungsten ringThere has never been an element of fashion more ridiculous than men’s jewelry. The thing is, we can forget about the fashion side of things for a second, and just look at jewelry in general.

Most men would be happy just wearing a stylish tungsten ring, whether because it is their wedding band or simply as an accessory. When such a piece of jewelry can deliver a timeless, classic look, why is there a need to look elsewhere?

The problem is that there are growing numbers of men that are not heeding this advice. Therefore, we see men wearing bracelets, having numerous piercings around their face, and wearing chains that would intimidate Mr. T. If men cannot wear jewelry correctly, then perhaps it is best that they do not wear it at all.

The Verdict

There is no question both sides of the argument have a number of compelling points. However, there are other variables, such as the overall style of a person, and their age, that should also be taken into account.

That said, it is perhaps true that the last point in the ‘No’ argument is most accurate. There is nothing wrong with jewelry on men, so long as it is understated and has a classic look. The ideal men’s jewelry for wearing is an expensive watch and a wedding band.

Other than that, a chain may be worn, but should always be hidden under clothing, and never worn on top. Bracelets, and other things such as armlets or ankle bracelets, should be avoided at all costs.

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Adam is a men’s jewelry expert who loves advising his friends around the best items for improving their look. Adam is a strong believer that men should wear minimal jewelry, and when they do that it should only be high quality, classic pieces that are chosen.

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