Men’s Fashion: Five Easy Steps to Add Style on a Budget

Many men are looking for ways to add style to an existing wardrobe. The fashion trends in magazines are not always practical and involve expensive clothes that cannot be reused with other outfits. Some high-fashion clothes for men are simply too loud for normal daily wear. There are five easy ways to add style to a wardrobe on a budget.

Good Shoes

Good shoes will add style to any outfit. They are also a good investment since a well-made pair of shoes can last for a very long time. The shoes should be a dark colour like black or brown that matches a wide range of outfits. Men should own formal shoes for work and at least one pair of comfortable casual shoes for after-hours attire.

Buy Clothes That Fit

A very easy way to add style to any type of fashion is to purchase only clothes that fit very well. Pants, shirts and jackets that do not fit correctly present an unfashionable and almost disorganized appearance. Clothes that do not fit also create an undesirable form. Even casual clothes that fit properly will add a large amount of style.

Wear Cufflinks

A simple and economical way to add style to a suit or button-down shirt is to wear cufflinks. Cufflinks add polish and personality to an outfit. There are many types of cufflinks available from simple silver studs to colourful enamel designs. There are even personalised cufflinks with initials that can add a unique value specifically to you. Cufflinks add style and complete an outfit creating a professional appearance.

Neutral Shirts and Pants

Men can add style to a wardrobe by purchasing a few nice shirts and pants in neutral colours. Spending a little more on these items will expand the style of an entire wardrobe. White and black button-down shirts and slacks can be combined with many other items from denim jeans to polo shirts. The neutral shirts and slacks should be good quality and fit perfectly.

Buy a Blazer

An easy and inexpensive way to add style is to buy a blazer. Blazers can be worn formally and informally. They sharply define the lines of the body. A blazer can complete many outfits that would look common or forgettable otherwise. It is best to buy a dark blue or black blazer that can be used as a part of many different outfits.

It is important for men to choose stylish clothes that still reflect personal tastes instead of what a magazine says is trending. Trends are expensive style choices that will not last over time. Wearing clothes that match personal tastes will make a man feel more comfortable and ultimately more stylish.