Men’s Fashion In 2013

Keeping up with trending styles can be frustrating and tiresome so why does everyone do it? Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated and with all due respect it should be an individual expression of one’s artistic self. Style is often interchanged with fashion and this is simply problematic. Fashion is a constantly evolving art in which risk is almost required. Style on the other hand should be the expression of one’s tastes without current trends repressing or altering these tastes. Style isn’t reckless either, just because your bucking the trends doesn’t mean you don’t respect the classics. In this piece I aim to express my opinion on men’s fashion in 2013.mens business suits

Classic Staying Power

My life has taught me that one thing in men’s fashion remains constant, the classics. As men grow older they begin to understand the powerful, sexy, and classy look that timeless pieces exude. Timeless pieces are well known for men and include suits, overcoats, shawl collar cardigans, and some well-made accessories.


I personally prefer to wear a tighter, but not obnoxiously tight, fitted and modern twist on suits as I find the look to be edgy yet classy at the same time. I find both dark and light shades of gray to be the most versatile of color choices when it comes to suits, skimming the line between formal and just well dressed. Although black, blue, and pastels are also rather stylish and bold. Light blue seems to be the most popular pastel of 2013 and can be easily incorporated as the shirt underneath any suit jacket. This would create a vibrant and eye catching outfit that is definitely not boring. Throw in a matching pocket square and you have yourself a very sleek outfit.


Overcoats are powerful expressions of class and wealth that we frankly do not see often enough. A well-made overcoat can cost $5,600 dollars but that’s not really necessary. You can easily find a nice overcoat for $140-170 dollars just by shopping around. Throw one of these in combination with your suit and you will have a perfect outfit for fall of 2013.

Shawl Collar Cardigans

Many men despise cardigans and their reasons why are not fully clear to me, however that’s not what I am here to write about. Fact is shawl collar cardigans are timeless and mature. The shawl collar cardigan allows one to transform their suit from formal to casual without even taking off your tie.

The Watch

In my eyes this isn’t even a 2013 fashion item, it’s a forever item. Watches are iconic as they portray a sense of importance to those who wear them. I feel advice for watches is rather consistent throughout the years and only requires updating. If your watch is exceptionally old then perhaps purchase a new watch, although for the most part I simply recommend changing out your watch band. Leather bands are subtle yet they give their wearer a look of confidence.


2013 is the year for Men to revitalize the old 1950s working man’s outfits of that time. This is nothing bad at all and by following it you will only increase your professional appearance.

Eduardo Dieguez is a guest blogger for Karako Suits. He spent time living in Switzerland as a child helping to foster a culturally open mind from an early age.