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Do you ever read fashion blogs and think “that looks amazing but I am never going to be able to wear 6 inch stilettos and a puffball skirt with a double buggy and changing bag.” In this post I’ll be looking at mummy style, from new mummies to mummies with teens, and how to look chic without sacrificing practicality.

New Mums

Oh. My. God. What is this new body you’ve developed? You’ve given birth to a beautiful baby and you don’t want to come across all selfish by moaning about your reflection when you look in the mirror. But do you know what? It’s okay to feel insecure after giving birth, your body has changed and that’s cool! All you need to do is work out what will look great on your new figure. Stressing out about the celebrities you’ve seen who have gone back to their svelte selves isn’t going to help, remember they have personal trainers, nutritionists and not to mention nannies to make things a whole lot easier.

What’s more, as a new mum you need something that is going to fit in with your new lifestyle. Gone are the days when your washing loads consist of a weekly dark and light pile, you can now look forward to daily piles of bibs, baby-grows and teeny tiny socks, which after about a month will all be odd – what is it with babies kicking their socks off every minute of the day?

The key to chic new mum style is layering, and a capsule collection of pieces that you can change up in a variety of ways. Of course a brilliant staple piece is a pair of faded blue jeans. If you’re feeling a bit curvier after pregnancy a great tip is to pick a pair with plenty of whiskering and fading on the thighs to slim down your legs and add an easy, fun vibe to your outfit. For example Hudson Jeans offer a great selection of jeans with a faded wash and they feature a flap pocket design on the back – designed to make your bum look perter and smaller. Pieces like this look great teamed with slightly longer tops and waterfall style cardigans – a chic alternative to the ever tempting hoody and a good way to cover up without looking frumpy. Even better this look can be dressed up or down, simply pair with heeled boots and layered necklaces for a simple but elegant night-time look (for those rare night off!)

Hudson Jeans Beth Baby Bootcut in All You Need Is Love                 

Mums with Young Children

Babies were hard, the night-feeds, the crying, the never-ending piles of nappies and washing – but somehow it all seems like a distant, beautiful memory. You’ve entered the crayon stage and with little ones no longer rolling around but actually walking around with opinions and curiosity you have never been busier. This is a great time to have fun with your style, there is no doubt your kids will be – prepare for princess dresses and wellies, superman pyjamas teamed with a fireman’s helmet and everything in between. You also need something that is practical and hard-wearing that will be able to take the days of making, painting, playing and cleaning up after them!

Black is your go to wardrobe staple at this stage as it hides all manner of stains and sins. If you want something that is comfortable but still stylish we recommend a black, slim leg jean such as Hudson Jeans Collin Signature Skinny in Black. If you still want a higher rise, but a legging feel to your jeans that are comfy to move around in and slim down your silhouette NYDJ Jeans Jade Legging in Black is a great piece that will look great with a bright pair of trainers (I like converse best – and think most mums agree!) and on-trend slogan t-shirt for yummy mummy style when you’re out with the little ones.

Hudson Jeans Collin Signature Skinny in Black

NYDJ Jeans Marilyn Classic Straight in Black

Mums with Tweens to Teens

We’re going to say it before you have to, you want your kids to think you’re cool. You’re also – although happy that you have more time to yourself – pretty miffed that they just don’t need you as much, and that they are ‘too cool’ to hang out with you anymore. First of all stop stressing out, desperately trying to get your kids to hang out with you is only going to push them away even more. Secondly embrace your own personal style again, this is a great time to glam up your look as the worries about running around after little ones and getting messed up are long gone.

Now that spring has arrived it’s high time to inject a bit of colour in to your wardrobe, pastels are going to be huge this SS13 and there’s a brilliant range of clothes out there to embrace the warmer months in. MiH Jeans have a fantastic range of jeans in fabulous colours, I love The Breathless jean at the moment, super-skinny and coming in an array of colours such as Tangerine (a bright, fun orange) and Sweetie (a gorgeously girlie pink). These pieces will look great with a crisp blouse, to style it up get one with detailing such as sheer panelling at the back or a peter pan collar. This outfit looks great with ballet pumps or simple sandals for the day, simply team with a tailored jacket for work or killer heels for a night out with the girls – embrace nights off!

MiH The Breathless Jeans in Sweetie

If you don’t feel you can rock a skinny leg don’t panic, NYDJ are here to save you once again. I know I keep banging on about this brand but I just love it. The Jade Legging in Cobalt is a striking bright blue wash, complete with NYDJ’s lift-tuck technology to make you look a size smaller. It will look amazing with a black blazer and matching heels.

NYDJ Jeans Jade legging in Cobalt

Top Tips

So to review, here are my top 10 tips for amazing mummy style and confidence:

  1. Layer it up: Layers are essential when you have such a hectic schedule and great for creating a silhouette. Layer jumpers over blouses and cardigans on top of two tops – this will also mean you can mix up the same outfit several ways.
  2. Invest in a few good pairs of jeans: They will be your saviour whilst running around after your kids, choose a classic blue and black pair to start in a style that you feel suits your figure. Boot-cut jeans work best on pear-shapes, and skinny or straight styles for hourglass and boyish figures.
  3. Patterns: Bold patterns are a great way to distract from a pre-pregnancy figure, and stripes are most definitely you’re friend as they can create the illusion of being slimmer
  4. Pair skinny jeans with oversized tops: For effortless chic, this look is practical for day to day and stays fresh throughout the day. When I say ‘oversized’ though I mean slightly longer, or with a large neck so the top falls across your tummy – this does not mean a shapeless old t-shirt you have pinched from your partner!
  5. Statement accessories: Bright, bold pieces of jewellery and beautiful shoes jazz up any outfit, even if the shoes are a red pair of trainers it just makes the look a whole lot cleaner and smarter without going to lots of effort. Jewellery is great for taking a look from day to night but avoid when you have a baby, as we all know they are fascinated with anything shiny dangling in front of them!

I hope this little guide has helped you find your mummy style, this week at Jeanography we are embracing mums of all shapes, sizes and personalities because we believe you need a break – after all you do the hardest job in the world, and we salute you for it. 

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