Office Wear: 5 Key Pieces Men Can’t Do Without

Young professionals living on very little can feel frustrated sometimes. More often than not, they feel the pressure to establish themselves early on in their careers. They realize in their daily lives, there may be quite a lot they’re willing to sacrifice and live without to survive the daily grind. But in a time when image is everything, they need to accept a few essentials they can’t live without to look good in the office.white

1. Button Down Shirts

Fashion bloggers, stylists, as well as sartorialists everywhere have reiterated the need to have this key piece. It’s a great advice simply because a button down shirt is perfect to wear on its own but pair it with a suit, blazer, or your choice of coat and you’re upping your personal style ante.

2. Suits

More offices today are accepting of the business casual attire, but suits are gaining renewed interest among fashion-savvy young professionals. While their senior co-workers prefer traditional styles for their tailored suits, young professionals today are eager to try out the next best thing in fashion. A well-made suit is indispensible for that all important client meeting.

3. Blazers

What should you wear with your shirt without the formality of a suit yet stylish enough for everyday business casual wear? In a work environment with a more casual vibe, adding a blazer to a mediocre shirt can go a long way style-wise. Blazers today are manufactured in various colors. While women can get away and look cute in all hues, men should stick to a couple of versatile colors like navy or grey that can go with most shirts, trousers, and jeans.

4. Trousers

Trousers don’t need introduction. You simply can’t go without trousers to match your dress shirt and suit jacket. While black is the unanimous color, grey, brown, or khaki pants are acceptable to pair with your shirts and blazers.

5. Footwear

While it’s easy to reach out for your trusted sneakers to pair with your casual outfit, footwear can make or break an outfit. In this sense, you wouldn’t wear your Chucks with your suit in a bank office would you? Simple dress shoes such as black oxfords or loafers will do.

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