Oscar Dresses: Wallis Charms In Armani And A Puppy Purse


Most little girls dream of the wearing the Oscar dresses and walking down the red carpet. Not only did nine year Quvenzhané Wallis get the honour, she’d earned it by being the youngest every nominee for Best Actress. What probably stole every viewer’s heart though was the Beast of the Southern Wild starlet’s sparkly blue Armani dress and puppy purse.

Its puppy love

Since making her breakthrough debut in Beast of the Southern Wild, Quvenzhané has charmed critics and fans alike with her selection of puppy purses. She has twenty unique Poochie & Co. bags in total, which she matches to her outfits.

Whilst Quvenzhané shone in a midnight blue dress from Armani’s Junior collection, her pooch, Sammy, was also wearing a sparkly tutu and tiara in lieu of the occasion. Wallis chose the dress specifically because it was “sparkly and fluffy” which is perhaps why the puppy of the evening was rather furry as well. Both actress and purse premiered their looks on the red carpet.

Kids fashion is cute

Hollywood tends to be a place where children grow up quickly so it’s great to see little “Nazie” as she’s affectionately referred to enjoying dressing up like the young girl she is. Her dresses range in colour from black and white to lots of pink, purple and blue – and are often sparkly. Of course, each puppy echoes her fashion choice for the evening and can normally be seen in a tutu of the same, or a similar fabric.

Quvenzhané told Ellen that the puppy purses are her signature and that she’s been wearing them since Utah; which is where the film premiered during 2012’s Sundance Film Festival.

Who is Oscar?

Nazie revealed to Ellen that she’d had no idea what the Academy Awards were or who Oscar was. After numerous red carpets and selecting an outfit from all the Oscar dresses offered it seems that Quvenzhané has gotten more of an education that most adult actresses could hope for.  More than that, she’s handled the entire experience with grace and, importantly, her own style.

It seems that fans will get to see more of little Q on the red carpet as rumour has it that she’s set to portray Annie (the film is scheduled for the winter of 2014). Hannah Minghella, Head of Production at Sony Studio, told Forbes that Quvenzhané; “is an extraordinary young talent with an amazing range, not only as an actress but as a singer and dancer, and we can’t wait for audiences to further discover her.”


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