Pakistani Dresses Display on Fashion DNA British Council Program in London

British Council program with the name Fashion DNA supports different countries’ fashion and apparel industries through various events. Such events noFashion DNA Pakistan - Londont only promote those countries industry but also r to familiarize UK citizens to the local and traditional style of several parts of the world.

The Fashion DNA program aims to promote local skills and increase their capacity to compete in the fashion world; it covers all things from business support to branding. The British Council provided the opportunity to some Pakistani fashion designers to display their products in London Fashion Week.

More than 2 million Pakistani/Kashmiris live in the United Kingdom, and they like their forefather’s tradition and clothing styles, and it is the significant opportunity for Pakistani designers to capture the fashion market of UK to get the attention of different Asian countries people.

“We were preparing for last eight months day and night to participate in this event, and it was the massive test for us to showcase our local products with the touch of western fashion to get the attention of the international market,” told by a Pakistani fashion designer to the News Channel.

The Fashion DNA type events build the image of Pakistan as a modern and liberal society which is, unfortunately, present different in western media due to continuous terrorism activities in the region.

Sonya Batla -Fashion DNA Pakistan