Palladium Engagement Rings

Are you planning to buy an engagement ring? Platinum is very expensive and gold looks a bit traditional. Have you ever heard about the palladium jewelry? A palladium jewelry ring can be a good choice for your engagement if you are looking for something unique and beautiful. Palladium-Engagement-Ring

Palladium is a silvery white metal with great shine. It is being used for several purposes, but still very few people know about it. It is extremely ductile and highly resistant to tarnish, weather and heat. Palladium is being used in different electronic items such as catalytic converters, computers, mobile phones, television, etc. It is also used substantially for jewelry making. This metal belongs to platinum group metal (PGM).

Since 1930s, palladium was used in jewelry making. However, with the popularity of platinum jewelry palladium jewelry vanished from the market. Even today, platinum and gold are the favorite choices of people than the palladium. Palladium looks much similar to the platinum but differs significantly in its cost and properties. Today, palladium is used to make jewelry items such as pendants, wedding bands and rings. It is also the best substitute to nickel to alloy the white gold. Palladium is stronger, lighter and whiter than the platinum in its pure form.

Palladium is pretty new in the jewelry industry. It is still regarded as the precious metal because of its scarcity. Hence, a palladium ring can be a perfect choice if you are searching for a unique engagement ring. It is equally attractive and shiny as platinum. It is also cheaper, lighter and stronger than platinum. It doesn’t wear and tear quite easily. In addition to that palladium is pretty ductile, so it can be molded in any pattern, shape and size as preferred. Compared to white gold, palladium is shiner and whiter, so you don’t need to polish it for a longer time period. Also, it is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause any problem to skin.

Palladium engagement rings are pretty rare and comparatively new and latest in trend. So, a diamond palladium ring can be a great option if you want something unique for your engagement.


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