Ray Ban Glasses – Tips On Creatively Giving Them As Gifts

So many parents these days cannot be bothered about choosing flattering frames for their prescription lenses – for most of them, all that matters is function. But if you’re a sunglassesloving child who believes that being “old” does not necessarily mean that one should ditch all efforts to look “nice,” the only thing you can do is to make the stylish choice for them.


You don’t need to wait for a special day, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or their birthdays to get them a pair of glasses – every day you get to spend with them is always worth celebrating. They may think you splurged carelessly on designer glasses, but it’s your decision to give a special gift that they’ll be sure to cherish and benefit from.


Some of the stylish spectacles in the market today are Ray Ban glasses and your parents are surely familiar with them since the American brand has been around since World War II. They’re the perfect choice for elderly parents as these glasses are not particularly flashy, although they are undoubtedly chic. Of course, you would need to bring your folks with you to the optical store when you make your purchase so their prescription can be applied to the lenses (you can use this opportunity to convince them into making the switch to varifocals if they have been wearing bifocals since they were in their forties), but that would take away the surprise of your special present for them. If you want them to feel all delighted and happy, you can create a gift package centred on the new Ray Ban glasses you got them.


Great inclusions are:

  • A spray cleaning solution – You can use computer monitor cleaning solution which has been tested very effective in taking oil and grime off the lenses – it’s typically available in different gadget stores.
  • Eyewear leashes – With these leashes, your loving parents will no longer misplace their glasses or use them as headbands, stretching the frames out of shape.
  • Special hard cases – They can keep their glasses in if they don’t need to wear them.
  • A good book – As an additional special treat, include a book written by their favourite author, a collection of their favourite poems, or a book of crossword puzzles or Sudoku. This will be perfect if they spend a lot of time reading because they will have something to read or work on during lazy afternoons.


Ray Ban spectacles already make great gifts, but if your desire is to do something really special for your folks, the extras you include will definitely be appreciated. The mentioned inclusions are great ideas but are not the only things that you can do for your parents. Consider their hobbies and interests while thinking about gift ideas. You can also use fond childhood memories with them as inspiration. But at the end of the day, your parents will love the fact that you simply remember them regardless of what gift you got them.


Author Bio –   Abigail Mae Prescott is an information and communication systems consultant who is very much drawn to the fashion, photography and social media world. She spends her spare time researching and reading on topics about designer eyewear, the latest fashion trends & beauty brands that most women want.

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