Ray Ban Wayfarer For Kids – Colours, Prints And Accessories For A Fun Style

More and more children nowadays are prescribed to wear optical eyewear to address early cases of myopia and astigmatism. Some parents claim that most children’s poor eye health is caused by junk food (devoid of the essential vitamin A for good eyesight) and tech-obsession — long hours zoned in on their gaming consoles or in front of the TV never fail to strain the eyes.designer kids sunglasses

According to UK opticians, wearing glasses at an early age can still correct certain eye conditions. On top of that, wearing prescription spectacles can also protect their eyes from the eye strain caused by many hours of focused attention on their smart phones, gaming consoles, and tablet PCs, or even reading.

The problem with kids these days, though, is they still think that wearing glasses is dorky and they will be teased that they’re Harry Potter or some other popular character who wears glasses. Well, if you’re a parent, you can easily address the problem by helping your child choose spiffy glasses that he would look good wearing, such as Ray Ban Wayfarer for kids. The cool thing about these glasses is that the frames are durable plastic (strong enough for all types of lenses, be they delicate reading ones, thick and heavy single vision lenses, and even varifocals) and they are available in various fun colours and attractive prints that would definitely not make them look like a nerd.

Aside from the kid-friendly designs, these glasses are also compatible with a host of accessories that children will love. If you wish to make wearing glasses somewhat special for them, you can include accessories to their eyewear kit. Some of these accessories are Flicklets which are interchangeable eyewear accessories that hug the stems of the frames; Flicklets come in so many designs — from flowers, insects, to popular cartoon characters — and there are even designs that adults can use, and the best thing about these accessories is they’re very affordable.

Using an eyewear leash is also getting to be really popular, and it’s no longer just for older people who keep on forgetting where they left their glasses. Leashes can be made from chain, beads, lanyards and colourful braided strings. Children are particularly drawn to colourful braided strings that they can customise in many ways.

The last eyewear accessory that you may want to buy for your child’s eyewear kit is a hard case.  For girls, purse-like cases are quite in demand; hard cases with feathers, jewels, and beads with cute snaps and long straps – you can find them in flea markets and novelty stores in London. As for young boys, anything that remotely resembles robots, sporting or gaming equipment (like footballs or a faux PSP) that they can sling through their belts and look like a fanny pack always get the thumbs-up of approval.

About the author: Abigail Mae Prescott a former freelance fashion journalist  and is now  an information and communication systems consultant  is very much drawn to the fashion, photography and social media world. Due to her influence and digital knowledge not to mention passion for fashion, she is also looking forward to introducing fashion eyewear that tailor fit everyone’s needs. Visit Fashion eyewear to ascertain more about the must have fashion eyewear for you.

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